Outcome and Income

What’s up Famili!

This week was pretty slow. Last week we were poppin with people and teachings and commitments to papi. So I thought this week would even be better because we had so many referrals and what not, but the people we’ve been teaching didn’t come to church. They went to their own because of Easter weekend.

One of our investigators didn’t come named A’usia, and we can’t papi him now because his mom beat him when she found out he was being taught. And another name Melika—she hasn’t been keeping the word of wisdom so we are struggling there too.

It was kind of weird actually. I’ve like never had this problem my whole mission like all my fiefanongos have been like pau for papi and like ready. So this is like a new struggle I’ve run into, but we’re working and trying to work hard with these people, but they’ve been tough.

All this week we just tried to invite people to church because of Easter Sunday. But we only got like 3 out of the 17 we committed. I feel like maybe I’m not trying hard enough to push them and I’m just like going through the motions and then sitting back to see if they’ll just do it on their own. I feel like I’m just getting lazier now since I’m almost done.I’ve been praying to just keep me going strong because I have the drive and desire, but it’s like just getting me down on the progress lately. I don’t know. But there’s the complaint of the week hahaha.

But besides that, life’s been good. I love my companion. He is the best missionary out there. He really pushes me and since he’s Tongan my Tongans been improving a lot with him haha. I wish it could of been like this at the beginning. But “ya lose some ya win some, as long as the out come is income” hahahah There’s a quote for you guys to wrap you head around haha.

I think another thing I’ve learned being here on the mainland of Tonga and being with Elder Tupou is just the material things don’t matter. I used to care if my stuff got jacked but I think now it’s just wearing off of me now because they just don’t matter! And I know if one of my things gets stolen or taken, I know someone will give me their shirt or shorts if I ask for it. I think it’s whats really made me realize I didn’t love the people fully until I gave that ulunganga that I had, and doing it has just made this mission so much funner and easier.

But I just wanna say life has been good and I love you guys so much and miss ya’ll like crazy! Double digits now until I’m home haha but who’s counting. (; sorry just other missionaries need to get on now. much ofaz guys!


Elder Berry


Mac N Cheese Please

What’s up Famili!

Nothing too crazy went on this week. Just the works. It’s picking up real well and I was able to have some meetings with Pres. Tupou and get some good council from that guy and learn some new things from him.

We’ve been really stressing on getting our papi invitation down and with asking inspired questions to them. So I’ve been trying to take in all that we’ve been learning in our meetings so we can pick up this work.

We were able to commit four people to baptism this week, but they committed to they will be papitized when they know for sure this church is true. So we’re just trying to help and prepare them so they’ll be ready for their papi day. I’m super excited and hope all the plans go through.

This week was a lot better than last week and I hope it just keeps getting better and better. Us and all the guys in my kau hu are getting really trunky out here. But we’re trying to finish strong without thinking about home. But sorry this email is short again. I just don’t have much time cause its already late tonight. Hopefully I will be able to report better next week.

And yes I got the package. The APs brought it over and I was on a split with the zone leaders and it was gone within an hour! But thank you so much for it, and they all say thank you as well too. And the mac and cheese was the money maker in the package! But i love ya’ll and home all is well! Much Ofas!

ofa lahi atu,

Elder Berry

Trying To Stay Positive!

Hey family,

Sorry I wasn’t able to net last week. But I honestly got to hurry real quick with the email because there’s a lot of missionaries that want to net as well. But this transfer has been the most stressful transfer I’ve ever had in my whole mission. Just because if something bad goes down in my district, I get the heat for it. Like if missionaries go over area and get caught or like if their numbers aren’t good on their weekly report.

It sort of blows because I just want to tell them I didn’t asked to be put in this position. It’s probably been the most negative I’ve been in my whole mission as well, so I apologize. But everyone tells me just because you’re a leader now doesn’t make you any different than the other missionaries. We’re “all the same” but just the responsibility on my back just blows sometimes.

I love this mission, but when the zones are on my case about everything, it’s not as fun as you want it to be. I’m trying to finish strong, but it’s not fun when you’re stressed all the time with everything. We do have one investigator that we committed to baptism a couple weeks ago. We were supposed to interview her yesterday, but she was sick. So hopefully she’s feeling better soon.

On a positive note, to help my stress, I’m still running in the morning. So it’s been keeping me healthy physically and mentally haha. Tell grandma I’m still so grateful for all her letters she sends me. Tell her thank you for me. I won’t lie, I’m excited to come home already. Just overwhelmed when I do because it will be so much for me to take in. I haven’t seen Elder Freer once since we’ve transferred, but that’s super cool you guys went and had lunch with his family. His little sister seems pretty cool. Super out doorsy. Typical Idaho girl haha. But man I miss all ya’ll. I hope everyone is doing good. My comp is a stud and is a lot better than my last comp but I still love my old comp. My old comp is still in my district so I see him every week. I love you guys keep it real trill! ofa atu!


Elder Berry

Transfers and District Leader

How’s life on the mainland Family?

So these past few weeks have been crazy! Me and my comp have been just posting up trying to hasten this work with the members. We were able to baptize this lady here in our ward this past week and man, the spirit was just so strong teaching this lady!

Her name is Mele Fine’isaloi, and she’s a widow that has a son out on a mission in Australia. Teaching her was easy because she had so much faith. But since she had a son on a mission it made it even easier. When we taught her the first time, I knew we were going to baptize this lady because she told us how much she missed her son and she wanted to know what her son felt and what made him want to go serve the lord. So we were more than happy enough to tell her we have the answer. And from then on, the spirit just took over the reins.

The thing is when I felt the spirit the most is when my comp testified to her that the message we are teaching her does not change, and that her son is teaching this exact same message where he’s serving. And the reason he went on a mission is because he knew the message he taught was true and the happiness he felt from it. And also that he wanted to share that same experience with someone who’s looking for that. I was like “that’s what I’m flipping talking about son!”.

My comp killed the lesson when he testified at the end. The spirit was so strong and knew she felt as well. And that’s when I knew she was ready for baptism.

So anyways the baptism on the other hand…. hahaha so she was a pretty big lady and so my comp wanted me to baptize her because he didn’t think he would be able to lift her out of the water. So…he made me do it. But before the ordinance I prepped her like to plug her nose with her hand and that I’m going to like dip her down and stuff when I say amen. But none of us told her to bend her knees. So…she planked it and like kind of panicked when I did it!

So I had to do it again and like everyone was like telling her to trust the missionary, he knows what he’s doing. So we did it again and she planked it again!  But I sort of just forced her all the way in because I noticed she had her nose plugged well, so I just dunked it like I was in the nba finals (;

But it was all good after and everything went well. I was super happy to finish off this transfer with a baptism. I’m actually just happy to even get a baptism the whole transfer.

So like the last time I net you guys, there were heaps of elders here at the church because some of the guys net wasn’t working in their area. So it kind of took a lot of time for us when we were all netting off one computer. So the stake president showed up at the church and called us all into his office and we were all tripping (I won’t lie) because we thought we were in trouble.

So like all 8 of us were just like posting up and he was just explaining to us that we shouldn’t be netting for so long and why are some people out of area. And he’s like “I’m not gonna report you because you’re all from muli and like writing your family is important and stuff,  just cut it down ya know?”

Then we just started casual talking to this guy and he’s like 6’6” a good 300 lb man and he’s a super serious guy, like way intimidating. Everyone in his family speaks fluent English and they all speak English to us but he never does. He’s like straight business. But he was cracking jokes with us and it was weird to see him smile for once.

But then he looked at me and was like Elder Berry? Where you from? And I’m like St. George, Utah. And he’s like, “I know your father.”  All of us were like what the heck??? And then he started speaking English to me and was like yeah, did your dad coach and Ricks College? And I was like yeah. And he said I played at Ricks with Coach Hon and Rick Dixon and all those cats and remember that Coach Berry had a little boy he adopted from Tonga. So I connected all the dots when you told me you were adopted.

Whoa. Small world yeah? Everyone was like thinking that was crazy cool and stuff. But then I asked him what his first name was and he said Daniel, but your dad will know me as Benhur. And then I totally remembered you telling me about this guy!  And how his head was so big he couldn’t fit his head in the helmets so you took all the padding and it was just a shell. But he remembers you really well and he thought it was really cool that I got sent out here where I was born as well. So that was a cool experience for me that I wanted to share.

The next big news is I’m getting transferred tomorrow to Maufaunga. Just like the next area over in my district and they put me as District leader. I won’t lie, I am sketching out right now because I really never wanted to become any kind of a leader. It’s just so stressful and the guys in my district are so disobedient with the rules and I have two that used to be zone leaders, but got demoted because they were breaking rules. So I’m really nervous on how this transfer goes.

But besides that, nothing much has been kickin and just chilling with the bros and saving dem souls (; haha but on the real note, I miss and love all you guys! I can’t believe I only have 18 more weeks. Not like I’m counting our anything. But I just gotta finish strong. Oh, and my new comp is Elder Tupou from Vava’u. He’s cool. Been out for like 8 months so he’s experienced. And this guy can cut hair like no one I’ve ever met before on the mission. But I love and miss all ya’ll. Hope you guys have a good week and I hope to get to a computer in my new area. much ofas!


Elder Berry

Pray For Us

What’s good Famili?

I’m just chilling out here in the bishops office with the air conditioning going on with my ice cold water hahaha. How’s life back in the states? I flippin miss home. I’m starting to get trunky out here. I think I might finish in this area but I’m not sure yet. And no, I have no progressing investigators right now, just some teachings here and there. I miss all you guys. I don’t have much to report on this week except the weather has been pretty good. I ate dog this week again and it was the best dog I’ve had my whole mission.

I’ve been running every day in the morning so that’s been pretty good it gets me up and it’s so true what you say about running you like get addicted to it. Like I can be so tired but your desire to get in shape just gets you out of bed ya know? But we’ve been getting to know a lot of our families here and just trying to become friends with them and stuff. They’re super cool and way nice. My comp knows everyone here so he’s like mr. popular so he can get anything from anyone when he needs something.

Me and him had a little beef this week but we’re good now. I don’t wanna chase the spirit away so I’ll wait to tell ya’ll when I get home hahah. Nothing to serious. Just weren’t on the same page for a bit, but now we are closer than we have our whole companionship.

My zone leaders told me “there’s a reason why I’m comps with him. So find it.” I think I’m starting to figure it out. Who knows though. I can’t believe everyone back home is getting married and all the boys are about to come home from their missions. Getting me jealous and homesick. But sorry, nothing too spiritual has been going on over here. Just trying to find someone to teach. Please pray for us to receive someone to invite unto this gospel.

Today there’s a putu (which is a funeral) and it’s held at the church so all of us missionaries are trying to hurry through email cause there is six of us here all trying to net and we wanna go get our feast on later and we can’t be here during it because we’re not dressed appropriate and as missionaries pres tupou stopped us from going now. So you gotta be obedient hahah (; but i love and miss you guys so much and pray for you guys on the daily. hope you guys have a good week and a good Sabbath Sunday! much ofaz!


Elder Berry

Not Much Poppin’ This Week

Male Famili!

The works just been a drag here. I thought it would be poppin cause after we had our baptism the other week, we thought it would get people excited. I don’t know. Just pray that the work picks up. It bums me out because I came from an area that was just flying with the work, then I come to Tonga and I’m at a halt. I just try and visit members and set up family plans but just nothing goes through. Me and my comp have been pretty solid. He can have his moments, but besides that he’s the man. I’ve been just posting up here though getting to know all the elders in my zone real well. 5 of them are from my intake so it’s pretty tight to see all these boys again haha. We don’t have any investigators right now. It’s a busy time of the year with everyone because of work because it’s not like the outer islands when everyone just goes to uta every day. Everyone has jobs and all the kids are at school. So we just try to find something to do. But it usually just brings us back to this spot we go kick it at and just read the scriptures. The members don’t usually have time to make food, so they just take us out to dinner every night in town. It’s pretty crazy if you ask me because I came from cooked food out in the outer islands and doing it ourselves, to eating out. Don’t mind if I do haha. But nothing much has been going on. I love and miss you guys like always. Hope ya’ll are keeping it real. Much ofaz!


Elder Berry

What up Geeks?!

Sup Family,

Life out here on the mainland isn’t too bad when I’m getting fed like crazy good and stuff. But I just hope I don’t gain that weight before I come home ya know?

But me and my comp had our papi this week and it went super smooth. I think it was the first papi I’ve gone too and had hamburgers after for like the thingy that you do after. It was so good though. We just gave him the Holy Ghost yesterday and that went really well too. All of his family was there and they’re starting to attempt to come back to church so it’s been a little bit of sweet of heaven for this week with all that.

Besides the papi.. nothing much has gone down. Just visiting members trying to start a family plan with them and committing them with some things to hasten this work.

I just want to say even though my comp is sometimes a pain, he means well. I’ve been just working with my patience. everything was pretty good between us this week which was good. I just wish it could be better ya know?

Anyways I’ve been writing in my journal mom so hope you’re happy about that haha. and dad that article was tight! He just got in the mtc yeah? That’s crazy! I’ve never seen or heard of him before but I do think that’s a pretty amazing story. (Tongan kid getting committed for BYU for football, serving a mission as well)

Well fam, sorry this email is short. There’s just nothing much that went on this week since the last time I wrote ya’ll. I’ve been getting fed well. the house that I live with is very close with Peni Muti and his family. His wife just came from Laie last week and was talking about Laine and Misi boy and how big he is. Do you know what team he signed with yet? Or is he still deciding between UCLA and Oregon? That’s the last I’ve heard about him. Well Family I love and miss ya’ll tons hope all is well. Much ofas


Elder Berry