An update from Elder Freer :)

Well family I basically have the tightest mission in the world. Hands down. If you’ve ever seen kingkong I was on that island Monday till Wednesday… it was crazy! It wasn’t the literal island but it looked just like it. To get to the island you have to jump from boat to boat and then they pull you in and you have to jump onto the cliffs! There’s only one flat spot because the whole island is a huge rock so you have to time the huge swells and jump onto the rocks and then climb up some man made stairs on the cliffs up 100 ft to the small town of 100 people.

The islands called Fotuha’a. There’s nothing there but a small 400 sq ft church and little houses dotting the only road in town. We went and strengthened the members and tried to get some teachings but didn’t get any. We slept on the floor in the church for 2 nights ha! Wasn’t bad at all we had pillows and sheets.

After fotuha’a we went to ha’afeva for a day then got word we had a teaching in Kotu another small island so we went there this time with more supplies haha on the other Island I only had the clothes on my back and my book of Mormon. Kotu is beautiful and we again stayed in the church floor.

However we taught this boy Uluaki and we played a ton with all the kids at night on the church field so it was way fun! And we found the only snake in the islands out here and played with it for a bit… found out it was poisonous when we got back to town. Ha! It was way cool looking though. Black and white stripes! And there was a ton of bright blue starfish! Huge ones. I have a ton of pics but I can’t send them right now.

Well our trip to Kotu paid off and were baptizing Uluaki this Thursday in the ocean 🙂 loving it out here! We just got in today and had a great Sunday on Kotu.  I had to teach the priesthood lesson and I had some crazy questions coming in. Thankfully the branch president helped! Really being stretched out here it’s great! Berry is an amazing comp, there’s never a dull moment just like with Lao. It’s so fun. Truly am being blessed out here!

Well we have a zone meeting tomorrow so that’s why we’re here and it’s a dream cause we stay at harmons house and we have a blast telling stories and studying of course ha. Truly is the best mission ever. I’m glad you guys are all doing well! I love you all so much! Remember to Live in the world but not of the world. Avoid the sight of evil! You guys are the best! So thankful for the loving family I come from. I love you 🙂
Elder Freer!