Birthday and Brotherhood

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Last Transfer

What’s Up Family!

I’m sorry these past few weeks haven’t been so hot for all you guys. I miss you guys so much and I can’t believe I’m almost home. Me and all the boys are getting super trunky over here! hahaha but we’re having fun while were enjoying our last few weeks here on this beautiful island.

I’m so glad to hear the funeral went well. I wish I was there just to be with all you guys and the family. Home won’t be the same without grams. But like my mom said, this is how she would want to go. But it’s hard not to be selfish when we didn’t want it to end now. I loved Grandma so much and it’s going to be hard coming home and she’s not there or Reed. But I’m glad we had this beautiful opportunity to grow up into this gospel and understand the plan. Or it would make life hard to move on from this. But again, like I said, I can’t wait until we’re all again together as a family.

Blake Barney wrote me just barely and I cannot believe his home now! I can’t wait to get back with the boys. It’s just making me even more trunky than ever!!! hahaha but it’s all good its normal right?

Well anywho…. I didn’t get transferred. But I got a new companion for my last and final transfer. Hecka excited because we both finish together ahahaha! I don’t know why my mission pres decided to put two guys that are finishing together as comps on their last transfers. But this guy is tika though! His name is Elder Tauvaka and he’s from Australia. He’s been in my district since I’ve been in Tonga so we’ve been way tight. We’re just still surprised we’re companions and stuff. But it’s cool though! He’s a hard worker.

We just had one of our fakataha aleleas and we were able to get a ton of names to teach. And that’s all we’ve been waiting for and I know having ward meetings is another way of getting missionary work done because it puts us all on the same page. So I’m looking forward to finishing strong with this guy for my last transfer. But I was sad when Elder Tupou left. But I’m going to hit him up to get a final haircut before I come home haha (;

I had my district meeting today and I’ve gone my whole mission not having sisters in my district until now….. They are so embarrassing cause the Tongan girls here just fahi on you all the time and make ya feel dumb when you’re in front teaching the lessons and stuff but it’s all good. I’m just enduring to the end I guess. They’re fun and stuff but the Tongan sisters here are just hard because they give you a hard time and they’re kolekoleas and so you just got to have a lot of patience with them. But my district is brand new. Just me and my companion are the only ones that stayed. So were the OGs over here.

We’ve got baptism dates finally for Melika and Kalo for the 24th this month so we’re praying so so so so hard that it goes through and they keep up with their commitments. It’s been tough with these two, but things should go well. We have our Ward conference the last week of this month so we have a lot of fun things planned that week for us with the ward. I love my area my bishop is way tika! And the ward members are awesome. I hope we can all come back here sometime so you can this beautiful place. I miss and love you guys so much! You guys really keep me going. I dedicate this last transfer to you guys! I can’t wait to hear from you and talk to you! much ofas!


Elder Berry