That American Food

Male Famili!

What’s been good with all y’all?

This week was a bummer because I was like so sick at the beginning of the week. But I was just being a little girl. haha. I was tested for negative on the dengue fever. So that was good, but I was still like throwing up and what not. So I think I just had like da flu. But it was all goods though.

So nothing much went down this week. We still have two investigators we’re working with. melika aho and kalo aho. Both doing well. We’re just waiting for some things before we baptize them. I really hope they go through because they both say it’s true, but they’ve been throwing out some lame excuses to like delay it. But we just visit with them and make sure they’re keeping up with their commitments.

Yesterday was a good fast Sunday. I was able to feel the spirit all day yesterday, and it felt great. Just a good day. We were able to get like a thing when the members give you a person to teach, and we got a young girl still in school name Siu. So we hope we’re able to work with her this week.

I haven’t had a papi in a long time and it’s really discouraging me lately. So I’ve been trying to stay active and just keep pushing along with the work. Like I said, it’s getting harder and harder because I’m getting closer to coming home and it doesn’t help when I’m with all my boys from my intake and that’s all we talk about when we see each other.

I’m starting to miss that American food. But yesterday we had a meeting with Pres. Kivalu. He is the man haha He was telling everyone in the meeting that you coached him at Rick’s College, Dad hahaha. It’s cool to like know someone from across the world that knows your palangi dad haha.

But yeah nothing too crazy has been going on. Just having and just trying to endure to the end. I miss and love you guys so much and you’re in my prayers on the daily. Can’t wait to see you guys and hopefully talk to you guys. much ofas!


Elder Berry


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