Birthday Week

Male Famili,

Hahaha thank you so much for all the birthday wishes! Like forreal, I appreciate all the love! I miss you guys so much! 8 more weeks and I’m home! I can’t believe it. I’m so excited to get home, but then again it’s gonna be so weird when I leave and how much I’m going to miss this place.I was thinking about that today of just how free I am being out here in Tonga and like all the cool things I’ve been able to do out here. It’s gonna be fun coming back home and seeing my family again, but it’s gonna be a blow leaving this beautiful place.

For my birthday this week, I think I’m just going to buy a lot of pizzas for like my district, so we can just sort of celebrate that way and just hang out and stuff. I’ve been kicking it a lot with my zone leaders lately and just chilling with them. So it’s been fun these past few weeks. Mom it was really fun to talk to you and Dad on facetime for Mother’s Day. I honestly didn’t want to Facetime you guys because I just wanted to wait to talk to ya’ll in person, but it;s whatevers haha.

Yesterday we had like our satellite thing with the quorum of the 12, so we were with like our stake and everything at the stake center. So it’s always fun to go to those with everyone there and scout out some prospects for future wives (; hahahah just playing. But the meeting was good I don’t know if you guys had your guys’s like satellite thing, or if you guys talked on the same topic, but our topic they were focusing on keeping the Sabbath day holy, and honestly even Mom and Dad know that is not a problem here in Tonga. But it was good talks and they talked like how to run meetings and we need to have like fakataha alelea and stuff every Sunday and like that’s how we can like hasten the work and what not. So they’re all good talks.

Quinten L. Cook was presiding the meeting, so it was nice. But after the meeting we had a 4 hour meeting with all the stake leaders and ward leaders and they asked the elders in my zone to attend the meeting. Like I’m not gonna be hating on it or anything, but 4 hours on how we can make sacrament more spiritual was just way too long. And I didn’t really know the point of why we were there because they didn’t ask us anything. We just sat there. But me being a member of the church, I can say it was a good meeting. I just think that us missionaries could of been doing something more useful. But not trying to be a downer, but I guess I am haha. It was a good meeting all around.

This week me and my companion were finally able to papi one of our investigators. I don’t know if you guys remember, but we were teaching a kid like last month name Ha’usia and he’s like 14. At first his mother said no to us for papi, but we were still able to teach him at church because he was allowed to come and stuff. But like just last week, I was just praying to get this work going or to just help me have to desire to keep going strong because the works been slow. Then we got a call from our bishops counselor saying Ha’usias mom said yes we could baptize him; so we reviewed all our teachings and he was solid. We quickly got him interviewed and we papi him on Wendesday. So this week I was happy reporting numbers because I haven’t had a papi in such a long time. My companion, Tupou, papi’d him and we’ll foaki the Holy Ghost this week because we weren’t able to this past Sunday.

We went to one of our fafangas and it was our kaingalotus birthday that day. All the family and friends were over to celebrate. But there was this beautiful fair skin girl there with brown curly hair and I was so blown away for how pretty she was but…. she was married…. but anyways I was like “fefe hake?” And she just stared at me for like 10 seconds and then I was like “sai pe koe?” Which is just like (you okay?) and then she said “io sai pe…” like confused. Then it was like awkward for some reason and my comps like “lea ki ai i he lea fakapalangi.” And then I was like “how are you?” in English and she’s like “Oh I’m good.” And then I asked her if she was from like New Zealand or Australia, and she said she was from the Solomon islands, but like straight away she asked me if I would teach her about our church.

I was thrown off a little because I’ve taught like 2 lessons in English and it’s weird because you try to like switch your Tongan vocabulary to English and I never thought how weird it is to teach in your native tongue, but she didn’t really have any questions, so I just talked about the restoration and like how our families are one of the most important things in our gospel and how we can be sealed forever after this life. She didn’t believe there was a life after this one. And that was a shock becausehere in Tonga, almost everyone believes there’s like life after death. But it was kind of cool to like ask her questions like: why would God give us this beautiful world and a family and then it just ends after this? And she said she’s never thought of that. I told her about what happens in the temple, and how we are able to be sealed forever. Then she got way interested in the temple and so I showed her a picture. And man, I like love my comp, and he understands English and speaks a little bit of it, but he kind of got to take a break this time haha from the teaching. But she was saying how she wants to go to this temple one day. I told her it’s possible.

Anyways, that is just a summary of that. We talked seriously for like 40 minutes. After, we set up a time with her, but she lives all the way out in a different area, so I was kind of bummed because I had to call the elders there to go find her…I hope everything goes well with her. I pray every day her heart will soften so her and her husband will accept the gospel.

But yeah that was my week. It was pretty good. A lot more than the usual. But I miss and love you guys so much! I can’t wait to talk to you guys next week! much ofas from this guy.


Elder Berry

That American Food

Male Famili!

What’s been good with all y’all?

This week was a bummer because I was like so sick at the beginning of the week. But I was just being a little girl. haha. I was tested for negative on the dengue fever. So that was good, but I was still like throwing up and what not. So I think I just had like da flu. But it was all goods though.

So nothing much went down this week. We still have two investigators we’re working with. melika aho and kalo aho. Both doing well. We’re just waiting for some things before we baptize them. I really hope they go through because they both say it’s true, but they’ve been throwing out some lame excuses to like delay it. But we just visit with them and make sure they’re keeping up with their commitments.

Yesterday was a good fast Sunday. I was able to feel the spirit all day yesterday, and it felt great. Just a good day. We were able to get like a thing when the members give you a person to teach, and we got a young girl still in school name Siu. So we hope we’re able to work with her this week.

I haven’t had a papi in a long time and it’s really discouraging me lately. So I’ve been trying to stay active and just keep pushing along with the work. Like I said, it’s getting harder and harder because I’m getting closer to coming home and it doesn’t help when I’m with all my boys from my intake and that’s all we talk about when we see each other.

I’m starting to miss that American food. But yesterday we had a meeting with Pres. Kivalu. He is the man haha He was telling everyone in the meeting that you coached him at Rick’s College, Dad hahaha. It’s cool to like know someone from across the world that knows your palangi dad haha.

But yeah nothing too crazy has been going on. Just having and just trying to endure to the end. I miss and love you guys so much and you’re in my prayers on the daily. Can’t wait to see you guys and hopefully talk to you guys. much ofas!


Elder Berry