Been Sick

Male Famili!

Hey like I’m so sorry I’ve been killing you guys on my email. But, like, on the real note, since I’m like almost done, I just don’t care to email as much because I just want to wait to see all you guys and talk about everything.

I wanna say I miss you guys so much! This week our area 70 came to speak to all of us missionaries. This mission has been really disobedient and so he knew that and he was talking about how we need to change. When he spoke to us, he was really focusing of D&C chapter 4 on how it’s the last days and people are ready to be taught and if we aren’t worthy then the Spirit won’t be able to work through us.

It was good, but it was sad that had to be the topic you know. Our Mish Pres has been really cutting down on the disobedients. Like if you go over area, he’s sent three elders home for that. Just because of too many chances.

Also at the meeting it was good to see all the missionaries and meet the ones I’ve never met before. Me and Bunting have been talking a lot lately on the phone, and were just talking about how trunky we are hahah!

So like always there are a lot of missionaries wanting to net. And plus, I’ve been kind of sick and so my nurse thinks I might have dengue cause I’ve been throwing up and stuff and just been weak lately. She’s taking me to get a blood test in a half hour. But I love and miss you guys so much! Hope all is well. much ofas!


Elder Berry


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