Outcome and Income

What’s up Famili!

This week was pretty slow. Last week we were poppin with people and teachings and commitments to papi. So I thought this week would even be better because we had so many referrals and what not, but the people we’ve been teaching didn’t come to church. They went to their own because of Easter weekend.

One of our investigators didn’t come named A’usia, and we can’t papi him now because his mom beat him when she found out he was being taught. And another name Melika—she hasn’t been keeping the word of wisdom so we are struggling there too.

It was kind of weird actually. I’ve like never had this problem my whole mission like all my fiefanongos have been like pau for papi and like ready. So this is like a new struggle I’ve run into, but we’re working and trying to work hard with these people, but they’ve been tough.

All this week we just tried to invite people to church because of Easter Sunday. But we only got like 3 out of the 17 we committed. I feel like maybe I’m not trying hard enough to push them and I’m just like going through the motions and then sitting back to see if they’ll just do it on their own. I feel like I’m just getting lazier now since I’m almost done.I’ve been praying to just keep me going strong because I have the drive and desire, but it’s like just getting me down on the progress lately. I don’t know. But there’s the complaint of the week hahaha.

But besides that, life’s been good. I love my companion. He is the best missionary out there. He really pushes me and since he’s Tongan my Tongans been improving a lot with him haha. I wish it could of been like this at the beginning. But “ya lose some ya win some, as long as the out come is income” hahahah There’s a quote for you guys to wrap you head around haha.

I think another thing I’ve learned being here on the mainland of Tonga and being with Elder Tupou is just the material things don’t matter. I used to care if my stuff got jacked but I think now it’s just wearing off of me now because they just don’t matter! And I know if one of my things gets stolen or taken, I know someone will give me their shirt or shorts if I ask for it. I think it’s whats really made me realize I didn’t love the people fully until I gave that ulunganga that I had, and doing it has just made this mission so much funner and easier.

But I just wanna say life has been good and I love you guys so much and miss ya’ll like crazy! Double digits now until I’m home haha but who’s counting. (; sorry just other missionaries need to get on now. much ofaz guys!


Elder Berry


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