Been Sick

Male Famili!

Hey like I’m so sorry I’ve been killing you guys on my email. But, like, on the real note, since I’m like almost done, I just don’t care to email as much because I just want to wait to see all you guys and talk about everything.

I wanna say I miss you guys so much! This week our area 70 came to speak to all of us missionaries. This mission has been really disobedient and so he knew that and he was talking about how we need to change. When he spoke to us, he was really focusing of D&C chapter 4 on how it’s the last days and people are ready to be taught and if we aren’t worthy then the Spirit won’t be able to work through us.

It was good, but it was sad that had to be the topic you know. Our Mish Pres has been really cutting down on the disobedients. Like if you go over area, he’s sent three elders home for that. Just because of too many chances.

Also at the meeting it was good to see all the missionaries and meet the ones I’ve never met before. Me and Bunting have been talking a lot lately on the phone, and were just talking about how trunky we are hahah!

So like always there are a lot of missionaries wanting to net. And plus, I’ve been kind of sick and so my nurse thinks I might have dengue cause I’ve been throwing up and stuff and just been weak lately. She’s taking me to get a blood test in a half hour. But I love and miss you guys so much! Hope all is well. much ofas!


Elder Berry


Prince of Tonga

Male Famili,

Hahah sorry I was way late last week for writing ya’ll. I just wasn’t able to get a hold of a computer because all of us we’re way busy with things and what not.

But these past weeks have been way slow! It’s driving me crazy. Just a lot has been going on, so not so many people were really home because of like the sports and conference and stuff. Although, it’s been like a fun past few weeks because of all the events, but when it comes to the end of the day not much has been going on.

We’ve still been teaching one of our investigators Melika, and she’s been progressing.  She’s just been really busy. But she did come to general conference and stake conference. So it was good to see her there. Me and my comp have just been going around visiting members and trying out to find a way we can like come over to members houses and like not be a burden ya know? Because when they see us they already assume we’re there to ask them if they have anyone we can teach. And it’s always a “we’ll get back at you if there is someone available.” So we’ve still been trying to like fokotuu family plans with them. But they haven’t really been committed to it. But maybe we’re just not putting in enough work if to push them. I don’t know?

Conference was way good! I had to honestly draw pictures to keep myself awake because I was so tired for some odd reason.  But I was able to focus in and listen. You were totally right mom, they really did focus a lot on like family and like marriage in this conference. One of the talks I liked was when they were talking about how like his sister that left the church and he couldn’t force her; he just had to wait and watch over time, but he still just invited her to everything and never made her feel left out. I don’t know why I liked that one. Maybe it’s just because I’m a missionary and like with mamalohis and stuff you can’t force them, but just help them and just keep inviting because that’s what my purpose is: to invite and help others.

We just had stake conference this past weekend and it was amazing. One of the quorum of the 70s came and taki the whole fktaha. And the prince of Tonga came to the conference and they invited him to bear his testimony and he did it and they filmed it and it was all over the news.

I’m telling you the work is going to hasten when he gets papi in this church. He’s already like friendshiping a lot of the nobles already and royalty to be taught. And they all speak English so it’s easy for the missionaries so they don’t have to like speak in the kings language and stuff. But it was so cool when the Prince and his sister the Princess came. There was like security everywhere and we all like stood up when he walked in and like everyone was bowing. It was tika! But like for real it was a cool experience.

But in this meeting they were focusing on rescuing people and bringing like potential missionaries back to church and getting them the priesthood and getting them on missions. The 70 had a ton of stories to tell us about some experiences and stories. The spirit was super strong and it was a good conference.

Well I love all you guys! Dad you’re in my prayers and I hope the shoulder is recovering well. Mom I hope the marathon went good. Thank you for sending me everything I request for. I hope you’re foots getting better. Jake congrats on the new calling. You’re going to be a great leader for the young men in your ward. Katie I hope you’re doing well and staying healthy with the babe.

Mom tell Grandma thank you for her letters. I love getting them and reading the articles. I hope she’s recovering well with everything she’s been struggling with her foot. Family! I love all you guys and miss you so much! And you’re always in my prayers. I can’t wait to see you guys soon. A lot of the missionaries are going home today and it got me excited as well. much ofas guys!


Elder Berry

Outcome and Income

What’s up Famili!

This week was pretty slow. Last week we were poppin with people and teachings and commitments to papi. So I thought this week would even be better because we had so many referrals and what not, but the people we’ve been teaching didn’t come to church. They went to their own because of Easter weekend.

One of our investigators didn’t come named A’usia, and we can’t papi him now because his mom beat him when she found out he was being taught. And another name Melika—she hasn’t been keeping the word of wisdom so we are struggling there too.

It was kind of weird actually. I’ve like never had this problem my whole mission like all my fiefanongos have been like pau for papi and like ready. So this is like a new struggle I’ve run into, but we’re working and trying to work hard with these people, but they’ve been tough.

All this week we just tried to invite people to church because of Easter Sunday. But we only got like 3 out of the 17 we committed. I feel like maybe I’m not trying hard enough to push them and I’m just like going through the motions and then sitting back to see if they’ll just do it on their own. I feel like I’m just getting lazier now since I’m almost done.I’ve been praying to just keep me going strong because I have the drive and desire, but it’s like just getting me down on the progress lately. I don’t know. But there’s the complaint of the week hahaha.

But besides that, life’s been good. I love my companion. He is the best missionary out there. He really pushes me and since he’s Tongan my Tongans been improving a lot with him haha. I wish it could of been like this at the beginning. But “ya lose some ya win some, as long as the out come is income” hahahah There’s a quote for you guys to wrap you head around haha.

I think another thing I’ve learned being here on the mainland of Tonga and being with Elder Tupou is just the material things don’t matter. I used to care if my stuff got jacked but I think now it’s just wearing off of me now because they just don’t matter! And I know if one of my things gets stolen or taken, I know someone will give me their shirt or shorts if I ask for it. I think it’s whats really made me realize I didn’t love the people fully until I gave that ulunganga that I had, and doing it has just made this mission so much funner and easier.

But I just wanna say life has been good and I love you guys so much and miss ya’ll like crazy! Double digits now until I’m home haha but who’s counting. (; sorry just other missionaries need to get on now. much ofaz guys!


Elder Berry