Mac N Cheese Please

What’s up Famili!

Nothing too crazy went on this week. Just the works. It’s picking up real well and I was able to have some meetings with Pres. Tupou and get some good council from that guy and learn some new things from him.

We’ve been really stressing on getting our papi invitation down and with asking inspired questions to them. So I’ve been trying to take in all that we’ve been learning in our meetings so we can pick up this work.

We were able to commit four people to baptism this week, but they committed to they will be papitized when they know for sure this church is true. So we’re just trying to help and prepare them so they’ll be ready for their papi day. I’m super excited and hope all the plans go through.

This week was a lot better than last week and I hope it just keeps getting better and better. Us and all the guys in my kau hu are getting really trunky out here. But we’re trying to finish strong without thinking about home. But sorry this email is short again. I just don’t have much time cause its already late tonight. Hopefully I will be able to report better next week.

And yes I got the package. The APs brought it over and I was on a split with the zone leaders and it was gone within an hour! But thank you so much for it, and they all say thank you as well too. And the mac and cheese was the money maker in the package! But i love ya’ll and home all is well! Much Ofas!

ofa lahi atu,

Elder Berry


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