Trying To Stay Positive!

Hey family,

Sorry I wasn’t able to net last week. But I honestly got to hurry real quick with the email because there’s a lot of missionaries that want to net as well. But this transfer has been the most stressful transfer I’ve ever had in my whole mission. Just because if something bad goes down in my district, I get the heat for it. Like if missionaries go over area and get caught or like if their numbers aren’t good on their weekly report.

It sort of blows because I just want to tell them I didn’t asked to be put in this position. It’s probably been the most negative I’ve been in my whole mission as well, so I apologize. But everyone tells me just because you’re a leader now doesn’t make you any different than the other missionaries. We’re “all the same” but just the responsibility on my back just blows sometimes.

I love this mission, but when the zones are on my case about everything, it’s not as fun as you want it to be. I’m trying to finish strong, but it’s not fun when you’re stressed all the time with everything. We do have one investigator that we committed to baptism a couple weeks ago. We were supposed to interview her yesterday, but she was sick. So hopefully she’s feeling better soon.

On a positive note, to help my stress, I’m still running in the morning. So it’s been keeping me healthy physically and mentally haha. Tell grandma I’m still so grateful for all her letters she sends me. Tell her thank you for me. I won’t lie, I’m excited to come home already. Just overwhelmed when I do because it will be so much for me to take in. I haven’t seen Elder Freer once since we’ve transferred, but that’s super cool you guys went and had lunch with his family. His little sister seems pretty cool. Super out doorsy. Typical Idaho girl haha. But man I miss all ya’ll. I hope everyone is doing good. My comp is a stud and is a lot better than my last comp but I still love my old comp. My old comp is still in my district so I see him every week. I love you guys keep it real trill! ofa atu!


Elder Berry


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