Transfers and District Leader

How’s life on the mainland Family?

So these past few weeks have been crazy! Me and my comp have been just posting up trying to hasten this work with the members. We were able to baptize this lady here in our ward this past week and man, the spirit was just so strong teaching this lady!

Her name is Mele Fine’isaloi, and she’s a widow that has a son out on a mission in Australia. Teaching her was easy because she had so much faith. But since she had a son on a mission it made it even easier. When we taught her the first time, I knew we were going to baptize this lady because she told us how much she missed her son and she wanted to know what her son felt and what made him want to go serve the lord. So we were more than happy enough to tell her we have the answer. And from then on, the spirit just took over the reins.

The thing is when I felt the spirit the most is when my comp testified to her that the message we are teaching her does not change, and that her son is teaching this exact same message where he’s serving. And the reason he went on a mission is because he knew the message he taught was true and the happiness he felt from it. And also that he wanted to share that same experience with someone who’s looking for that. I was like “that’s what I’m flipping talking about son!”.

My comp killed the lesson when he testified at the end. The spirit was so strong and knew she felt as well. And that’s when I knew she was ready for baptism.

So anyways the baptism on the other hand…. hahaha so she was a pretty big lady and so my comp wanted me to baptize her because he didn’t think he would be able to lift her out of the water. So…he made me do it. But before the ordinance I prepped her like to plug her nose with her hand and that I’m going to like dip her down and stuff when I say amen. But none of us told her to bend her knees. So…she planked it and like kind of panicked when I did it!

So I had to do it again and like everyone was like telling her to trust the missionary, he knows what he’s doing. So we did it again and she planked it again!  But I sort of just forced her all the way in because I noticed she had her nose plugged well, so I just dunked it like I was in the nba finals (;

But it was all good after and everything went well. I was super happy to finish off this transfer with a baptism. I’m actually just happy to even get a baptism the whole transfer.

So like the last time I net you guys, there were heaps of elders here at the church because some of the guys net wasn’t working in their area. So it kind of took a lot of time for us when we were all netting off one computer. So the stake president showed up at the church and called us all into his office and we were all tripping (I won’t lie) because we thought we were in trouble.

So like all 8 of us were just like posting up and he was just explaining to us that we shouldn’t be netting for so long and why are some people out of area. And he’s like “I’m not gonna report you because you’re all from muli and like writing your family is important and stuff,  just cut it down ya know?”

Then we just started casual talking to this guy and he’s like 6’6” a good 300 lb man and he’s a super serious guy, like way intimidating. Everyone in his family speaks fluent English and they all speak English to us but he never does. He’s like straight business. But he was cracking jokes with us and it was weird to see him smile for once.

But then he looked at me and was like Elder Berry? Where you from? And I’m like St. George, Utah. And he’s like, “I know your father.”  All of us were like what the heck??? And then he started speaking English to me and was like yeah, did your dad coach and Ricks College? And I was like yeah. And he said I played at Ricks with Coach Hon and Rick Dixon and all those cats and remember that Coach Berry had a little boy he adopted from Tonga. So I connected all the dots when you told me you were adopted.

Whoa. Small world yeah? Everyone was like thinking that was crazy cool and stuff. But then I asked him what his first name was and he said Daniel, but your dad will know me as Benhur. And then I totally remembered you telling me about this guy!  And how his head was so big he couldn’t fit his head in the helmets so you took all the padding and it was just a shell. But he remembers you really well and he thought it was really cool that I got sent out here where I was born as well. So that was a cool experience for me that I wanted to share.

The next big news is I’m getting transferred tomorrow to Maufaunga. Just like the next area over in my district and they put me as District leader. I won’t lie, I am sketching out right now because I really never wanted to become any kind of a leader. It’s just so stressful and the guys in my district are so disobedient with the rules and I have two that used to be zone leaders, but got demoted because they were breaking rules. So I’m really nervous on how this transfer goes.

But besides that, nothing much has been kickin and just chilling with the bros and saving dem souls (; haha but on the real note, I miss and love all you guys! I can’t believe I only have 18 more weeks. Not like I’m counting our anything. But I just gotta finish strong. Oh, and my new comp is Elder Tupou from Vava’u. He’s cool. Been out for like 8 months so he’s experienced. And this guy can cut hair like no one I’ve ever met before on the mission. But I love and miss all ya’ll. Hope you guys have a good week and I hope to get to a computer in my new area. much ofas!


Elder Berry


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