Pray For Us

What’s good Famili?

I’m just chilling out here in the bishops office with the air conditioning going on with my ice cold water hahaha. How’s life back in the states? I flippin miss home. I’m starting to get trunky out here. I think I might finish in this area but I’m not sure yet. And no, I have no progressing investigators right now, just some teachings here and there. I miss all you guys. I don’t have much to report on this week except the weather has been pretty good. I ate dog this week again and it was the best dog I’ve had my whole mission.

I’ve been running every day in the morning so that’s been pretty good it gets me up and it’s so true what you say about running you like get addicted to it. Like I can be so tired but your desire to get in shape just gets you out of bed ya know? But we’ve been getting to know a lot of our families here and just trying to become friends with them and stuff. They’re super cool and way nice. My comp knows everyone here so he’s like mr. popular so he can get anything from anyone when he needs something.

Me and him had a little beef this week but we’re good now. I don’t wanna chase the spirit away so I’ll wait to tell ya’ll when I get home hahah. Nothing to serious. Just weren’t on the same page for a bit, but now we are closer than we have our whole companionship.

My zone leaders told me “there’s a reason why I’m comps with him. So find it.” I think I’m starting to figure it out. Who knows though. I can’t believe everyone back home is getting married and all the boys are about to come home from their missions. Getting me jealous and homesick. But sorry, nothing too spiritual has been going on over here. Just trying to find someone to teach. Please pray for us to receive someone to invite unto this gospel.

Today there’s a putu (which is a funeral) and it’s held at the church so all of us missionaries are trying to hurry through email cause there is six of us here all trying to net and we wanna go get our feast on later and we can’t be here during it because we’re not dressed appropriate and as missionaries pres tupou stopped us from going now. So you gotta be obedient hahah (; but i love and miss you guys so much and pray for you guys on the daily. hope you guys have a good week and a good Sabbath Sunday! much ofaz!


Elder Berry


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