Not Much Poppin’ This Week

Male Famili!

The works just been a drag here. I thought it would be poppin cause after we had our baptism the other week, we thought it would get people excited. I don’t know. Just pray that the work picks up. It bums me out because I came from an area that was just flying with the work, then I come to Tonga and I’m at a halt. I just try and visit members and set up family plans but just nothing goes through. Me and my comp have been pretty solid. He can have his moments, but besides that he’s the man. I’ve been just posting up here though getting to know all the elders in my zone real well. 5 of them are from my intake so it’s pretty tight to see all these boys again haha. We don’t have any investigators right now. It’s a busy time of the year with everyone because of work because it’s not like the outer islands when everyone just goes to uta every day. Everyone has jobs and all the kids are at school. So we just try to find something to do. But it usually just brings us back to this spot we go kick it at and just read the scriptures. The members don’t usually have time to make food, so they just take us out to dinner every night in town. It’s pretty crazy if you ask me because I came from cooked food out in the outer islands and doing it ourselves, to eating out. Don’t mind if I do haha. But nothing much has been going on. I love and miss you guys like always. Hope ya’ll are keeping it real. Much ofaz!


Elder Berry


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