What up Geeks?!

Sup Family,

Life out here on the mainland isn’t too bad when I’m getting fed like crazy good and stuff. But I just hope I don’t gain that weight before I come home ya know?

But me and my comp had our papi this week and it went super smooth. I think it was the first papi I’ve gone too and had hamburgers after for like the thingy that you do after. It was so good though. We just gave him the Holy Ghost yesterday and that went really well too. All of his family was there and they’re starting to attempt to come back to church so it’s been a little bit of sweet of heaven for this week with all that.

Besides the papi.. nothing much has gone down. Just visiting members trying to start a family plan with them and committing them with some things to hasten this work.

I just want to say even though my comp is sometimes a pain, he means well. I’ve been just working with my patience. everything was pretty good between us this week which was good. I just wish it could be better ya know?

Anyways I’ve been writing in my journal mom so hope you’re happy about that haha. and dad that article was tight! He just got in the mtc yeah? That’s crazy! I’ve never seen or heard of him before but I do think that’s a pretty amazing story. (Tongan kid getting committed for BYU for football, serving a mission as well)

Well fam, sorry this email is short. There’s just nothing much that went on this week since the last time I wrote ya’ll. I’ve been getting fed well. the house that I live with is very close with Peni Muti and his family. His wife just came from Laie last week and was talking about Laine and Misi boy and how big he is. Do you know what team he signed with yet? Or is he still deciding between UCLA and Oregon? That’s the last I’ve heard about him. Well Family I love and miss ya’ll tons hope all is well. Much ofas


Elder Berry


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