Big Tonga

What’s up geeks!

So I’m in my new area and I’m with my new comp Elder Lauti. He’s from Tonga and I have never had to use so much patience in my entire life. It’s just new to me I think because I’ve had all companions that are from America or at least lived there for a few years. So I get along with them just fine ya know. But the Tongan Elders here from Tonga are hard—just different.

I had to get in his face a few times cause I told him I didn’t come out on my mission to come play volleyball and hang out with friends.

I mean his parents have come by our place and gave us food. like you can’t complain when there’s food but it’s just ridiculous how all these Tongans get to see their parents on the daily and all of us dudes from everywhere else in the world are just like what’s going on?

My comp had a phone besides our phone and I was like come on dude, don’t be that missionary that has a phone. But it got stolen so I’m like way happy. Except he thought I stole it and he wanted to throw it down with me and I said alright bro just remember who you are when you punch me in the face. I’m sorry I just had to vent all of this out because I’ve never spoken this much Tongan in my life and it kind of gets lonely when you don’t speak English like at all anymore.

But times flying by and I’ll be home in no time. But besides all of this negativity I just got to say one more thing. Go America!

So on the positive note Elder Lauti means well and when it comes to teaching he knows what he’s doing. We actually have a papi this week and it’s the first on in this ward in the past 16 months. So they’re way stoked that we’re getting one right when we transferred here. Our investigators name is Ofa and he’s 11 so we’re trying to prepare him for the priesthood cause he turns 12 dis year. he’s a cool kid and his moms trying to come back to church so that’s good.

I’ve been having district meetings again. I went 6 months not going to those meetings and I was loving it! hahaha I miss Haafeva so much and Elder freer. Freer has prepared me well to become comps with this kid cause If I was a scrub then me and this kid wouldn’t be doing anything in this area.

So the place that I live at is at a member’s house and he’s the old bishop. and he’s pretty strict. He’s always talking about the missionaries in the past on how they were so disobedient and I don’t want him to ever think I’m like that missionary.

I saw Bunting and Harmon the other day I was so happy to see those two gay boys! haha they had to come in for their zone meeting for all the zone leaders. I missed those guys they’re studs!

Well nothing much has gone down. life’s treating me well as always. the foods good still and I could never get sick of it unless you throw me pork salad from café rio then ill drop any Tongan food for that mess. but I love all you guys my area rocks. don’t think I hate it or I don’t like my comp he’s a just a little girl sometimes (; bahahaha just jokes! but on the real note I hope ya’ll are doing good. much ofas from this guy!


Elder Berry


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