Pray For Us

What’s good Famili?

I’m just chilling out here in the bishops office with the air conditioning going on with my ice cold water hahaha. How’s life back in the states? I flippin miss home. I’m starting to get trunky out here. I think I might finish in this area but I’m not sure yet. And no, I have no progressing investigators right now, just some teachings here and there. I miss all you guys. I don’t have much to report on this week except the weather has been pretty good. I ate dog this week again and it was the best dog I’ve had my whole mission.

I’ve been running every day in the morning so that’s been pretty good it gets me up and it’s so true what you say about running you like get addicted to it. Like I can be so tired but your desire to get in shape just gets you out of bed ya know? But we’ve been getting to know a lot of our families here and just trying to become friends with them and stuff. They’re super cool and way nice. My comp knows everyone here so he’s like mr. popular so he can get anything from anyone when he needs something.

Me and him had a little beef this week but we’re good now. I don’t wanna chase the spirit away so I’ll wait to tell ya’ll when I get home hahah. Nothing to serious. Just weren’t on the same page for a bit, but now we are closer than we have our whole companionship.

My zone leaders told me “there’s a reason why I’m comps with him. So find it.” I think I’m starting to figure it out. Who knows though. I can’t believe everyone back home is getting married and all the boys are about to come home from their missions. Getting me jealous and homesick. But sorry, nothing too spiritual has been going on over here. Just trying to find someone to teach. Please pray for us to receive someone to invite unto this gospel.

Today there’s a putu (which is a funeral) and it’s held at the church so all of us missionaries are trying to hurry through email cause there is six of us here all trying to net and we wanna go get our feast on later and we can’t be here during it because we’re not dressed appropriate and as missionaries pres tupou stopped us from going now. So you gotta be obedient hahah (; but i love and miss you guys so much and pray for you guys on the daily. hope you guys have a good week and a good Sabbath Sunday! much ofaz!


Elder Berry


Not Much Poppin’ This Week

Male Famili!

The works just been a drag here. I thought it would be poppin cause after we had our baptism the other week, we thought it would get people excited. I don’t know. Just pray that the work picks up. It bums me out because I came from an area that was just flying with the work, then I come to Tonga and I’m at a halt. I just try and visit members and set up family plans but just nothing goes through. Me and my comp have been pretty solid. He can have his moments, but besides that he’s the man. I’ve been just posting up here though getting to know all the elders in my zone real well. 5 of them are from my intake so it’s pretty tight to see all these boys again haha. We don’t have any investigators right now. It’s a busy time of the year with everyone because of work because it’s not like the outer islands when everyone just goes to uta every day. Everyone has jobs and all the kids are at school. So we just try to find something to do. But it usually just brings us back to this spot we go kick it at and just read the scriptures. The members don’t usually have time to make food, so they just take us out to dinner every night in town. It’s pretty crazy if you ask me because I came from cooked food out in the outer islands and doing it ourselves, to eating out. Don’t mind if I do haha. But nothing much has been going on. I love and miss you guys like always. Hope ya’ll are keeping it real. Much ofaz!


Elder Berry

What up Geeks?!

Sup Family,

Life out here on the mainland isn’t too bad when I’m getting fed like crazy good and stuff. But I just hope I don’t gain that weight before I come home ya know?

But me and my comp had our papi this week and it went super smooth. I think it was the first papi I’ve gone too and had hamburgers after for like the thingy that you do after. It was so good though. We just gave him the Holy Ghost yesterday and that went really well too. All of his family was there and they’re starting to attempt to come back to church so it’s been a little bit of sweet of heaven for this week with all that.

Besides the papi.. nothing much has gone down. Just visiting members trying to start a family plan with them and committing them with some things to hasten this work.

I just want to say even though my comp is sometimes a pain, he means well. I’ve been just working with my patience. everything was pretty good between us this week which was good. I just wish it could be better ya know?

Anyways I’ve been writing in my journal mom so hope you’re happy about that haha. and dad that article was tight! He just got in the mtc yeah? That’s crazy! I’ve never seen or heard of him before but I do think that’s a pretty amazing story. (Tongan kid getting committed for BYU for football, serving a mission as well)

Well fam, sorry this email is short. There’s just nothing much that went on this week since the last time I wrote ya’ll. I’ve been getting fed well. the house that I live with is very close with Peni Muti and his family. His wife just came from Laie last week and was talking about Laine and Misi boy and how big he is. Do you know what team he signed with yet? Or is he still deciding between UCLA and Oregon? That’s the last I’ve heard about him. Well Family I love and miss ya’ll tons hope all is well. Much ofas


Elder Berry

Big Tonga

What’s up geeks!

So I’m in my new area and I’m with my new comp Elder Lauti. He’s from Tonga and I have never had to use so much patience in my entire life. It’s just new to me I think because I’ve had all companions that are from America or at least lived there for a few years. So I get along with them just fine ya know. But the Tongan Elders here from Tonga are hard—just different.

I had to get in his face a few times cause I told him I didn’t come out on my mission to come play volleyball and hang out with friends.

I mean his parents have come by our place and gave us food. like you can’t complain when there’s food but it’s just ridiculous how all these Tongans get to see their parents on the daily and all of us dudes from everywhere else in the world are just like what’s going on?

My comp had a phone besides our phone and I was like come on dude, don’t be that missionary that has a phone. But it got stolen so I’m like way happy. Except he thought I stole it and he wanted to throw it down with me and I said alright bro just remember who you are when you punch me in the face. I’m sorry I just had to vent all of this out because I’ve never spoken this much Tongan in my life and it kind of gets lonely when you don’t speak English like at all anymore.

But times flying by and I’ll be home in no time. But besides all of this negativity I just got to say one more thing. Go America!

So on the positive note Elder Lauti means well and when it comes to teaching he knows what he’s doing. We actually have a papi this week and it’s the first on in this ward in the past 16 months. So they’re way stoked that we’re getting one right when we transferred here. Our investigators name is Ofa and he’s 11 so we’re trying to prepare him for the priesthood cause he turns 12 dis year. he’s a cool kid and his moms trying to come back to church so that’s good.

I’ve been having district meetings again. I went 6 months not going to those meetings and I was loving it! hahaha I miss Haafeva so much and Elder freer. Freer has prepared me well to become comps with this kid cause If I was a scrub then me and this kid wouldn’t be doing anything in this area.

So the place that I live at is at a member’s house and he’s the old bishop. and he’s pretty strict. He’s always talking about the missionaries in the past on how they were so disobedient and I don’t want him to ever think I’m like that missionary.

I saw Bunting and Harmon the other day I was so happy to see those two gay boys! haha they had to come in for their zone meeting for all the zone leaders. I missed those guys they’re studs!

Well nothing much has gone down. life’s treating me well as always. the foods good still and I could never get sick of it unless you throw me pork salad from café rio then ill drop any Tongan food for that mess. but I love all you guys my area rocks. don’t think I hate it or I don’t like my comp he’s a just a little girl sometimes (; bahahaha just jokes! but on the real note I hope ya’ll are doing good. much ofas from this guy!


Elder Berry