My famili Maka!!!!
How ya’ll doing? I’m sitting next to Elder Bunting right now while we’re emailing our family and loved ones. How’s life on the mainland?

So I’m just gonna jump straight into this mess. So since I talked to all you guys me and freer have been working hard towards our investigators. And we were able to baptize 3 people since we last talked on the phone. It’s been definitely some hard stuff going down but definitely some huge blessings as well.

So you guys already know about the first kid that we baptized. He was really easy cause he already had so much faith. And plus both his uncles are in the stake presidency so they’re a good support for him. But so we’re super close with our stake president and we had family home evening at his house and the kid that we papi his mom came to it and she knows this church is true she just married a guy into a different church. But our stake pres was like we’re all going as a family to the temple to be sealed to their parents that passed away, and if you’re not ready or prepared to go into the temple then you don’t love them and they are waiting for us.

And so his sister whose name is Lusi, just like changed her whole mind around and she’s returned to church and it’s been so good cause she’s an awesome lady. She like those moms that are like chill and love to take care of the boys when you’re hanging out with your friends. Well anyways its super good to get her family back into the church.

But then we went to this island out in Nomuka and we were teaching this girl named Vinolia and she’s 18 super cool and super nice. But when we taught her it was like she didn’t understand anything we said or anything we taught and she like couldn’t remember our lessons have we just taught her so it took us like a week and a half to teach her.

So it gets to our day of interview and we had to teach her tithing. It took us and hour to teach her tithing and so we still didn’t think she was ready. But did the interview anyways. And our boy elder swan interviewed her and he was like I love all your inves. Cause they are always so prepared when you give them to me and we were like what? And he’s like dude she knows everything. So we were shocked and like didn’t know what to say. So anyways long story short. She’s smart. Speaks perfect English and she was like the top student in her class. so we were like you’re crazy to us and she was telling me when we would teach her she was nervous to speak in front of her aunt and uncle who were the fellowshippers. So it sort of made sense but it was the struggle to teach her.

But we got her papi and she is so strong we’ve been teaching her cousin and he is a stud! So we got her down then this past week we were able to papi this girl name Katalina. She was 15 and super easy to teach her and she was a sweet heart. We were able to get her mom to come back to church and she will be going to Liahona to live with her aunt whose a teacher there so that will be good cause it will keep her strong.

So I’m getting transferred this week to an area I’m not too sure of? Cause I don’t know really where I’m going next but I’m going to be comps up with this Tongan kid that everyone says he’s a hard missionary. So I’m way nervous cause they said like don’t get pushed around hahaha. But they said he’s just wants to do everything his way. So I don’t know if that’s good to put two kids like that together haha. But nah just playing. So pray for me to have strength to have patients with this kid.

I have a meeting tomorrow with Pres Tupou. I’m super nervous cause I have to teach for 15 minutes in the meeting. Hope it goes well. I miss all you guys like crazy! I just got your package Jake. Thank you so much! I haven’t opened it up yet. But bunting told me it’s at their house.

Well it was super hard to leave my area it was sad to say goodbye to all your members you become so close with. But I hope all goes well. Elder freer probably wrote more things and stuff that made sense and that is more important so ask Sister Freer for his email. I missed a lot of stuff but I just can’t remember everything.

I miss and love all you guys and hopefully I’ll be able to talk to you guys more now that I’m in Tonga. But it’s the hardest place to work…. just because I think the outer islands are so much better ya know? Well hope all is well I’m getting a little trunky now that it’s getting closer and closer to coming home. Miss ya’ll! Much love from this clown over here. ofa atu!


Elder Berry