He Lives!

Hey Family,

I just wanted to shoot y’all a quick message about what’s been going on this pass month. It’s just been going perfect. I love this work and all the experiences I’ve been getting out here especially in Lulunga. I hope one day ya’ll can come and see this beautiful place besides just Tonga. Even though I haven’t even served there yet hahaha!

So like my area I’m serving in has like 300-400 people on each island. and I cover 7 islands and when there’s a teaching, I just on the mission boat and we spend a few days on the island and the teachings in til they’re ready for baptism and then we get the baptism and then we come back to our main island. But when we go we just stay inside the bishop’s office and they just bring us some blankets and we just crash on the floor. Honestly like every night even on my main island where I have a bed I just sleep on the floor cause it’s so hott! And Freers always like how do you do that cause I like the cold floor so I don’t sleep with a pillow so my face gets cold. We do have electricity but it’s on from 7-10 at night but the only reason we needed electricity is because we needed to charge our phone. But we haven’t had a phone these past 2 months.


More info on the islands 6 out of the 7 are branches I work in a district I’ve been able to go to all the islands except 1 but I’m supposed to go this upcoming week because we got an investigator out there. super stoked except we just had a district meeting with all the branch presidents cause since me and freer are like our own zone we have to go to all those meetings its sort of taeoli. I hate going to them I get so nervous to go. So were pretty much zone leaders but not… pres tupou say we are but I we don’t really lead anyone except the branch pres’s.

Last week we had the opportunity to listen to one of the chorum of the 70. He’s a stud! His name was elder Cummings from Australia. Super chill guy. His talks were solid and his translator was one of the bishops in the palangi wards in Tonga so he was super cool and such a spiritual giant. When he would like translate for him he would like get super emotional during elder Cummings talks. It was super cool. He actually was the translator for conference so it was cool to meet him. While there stay cause pres tupou came out as well because he looks over the district. So he was out there and I won’t lie I was so nervous for them to come cause they were staying right next door to our house. But we had a baptism while they were here and honestly. I’ve never had a more spiritual moment in my life out here. It’s nothing like what I did it’s just this kid that we taught was just that perfect investigator missionaries want to teach. But he told us that he and his friend both were trying to find the true church. He said he’s been to all the churches and said found a little truth but when he came to ours he said he knew this was the true church cause of the spirit he felt. So when we taught him he was all about the spirit. We asked what got him interested and he said he wanted to serve a mission so we were stoked to hear that.

So anyways the teaching going solid. So easy to teach him because he knew everything was true he just wanted and understanding. So we do the baptism. And honestly what set the tone was the guy that did the spiritual thought. Like this guy set the tone and so like I was cool but everyone was crying. But we go and do the ordinance and Kesomi is crying. Oh my bad his names Kesomi. I would of told you early but this computer is being weird with the delete button…. anyways I’m trying to show Kesomin how I’m going to do the papi. And he’s just crying I like got so emotional the spirit was so strong. But we get in the water and we do the papi and he’s still crying and we go in the change and he’s just hugging me and the branch president. It was like the experience missionaries want. And both his parents came and they were both crying and his dad is the priest for the Ueslyann church. And he was just giving his son a hug. And it was my first time seeing Pres tupou cry. So like it was a solid weekend. It wasn’t the crying it was just the spirit that filled up the room. And Elder Cummings finished it with a solid talk. It put a new way on how I could teach the plan of salvation. He said before we came to earth we all knew this gospel but when we come to earth the veil cut it off. But when we learn this gospel it’s not our first time hearing it. It’s just us remembering the things we were taught before we came to earth. It was cool how he put and he was just a straight maka!

Every Friday we taught at the schools here like the public schools but schools out now. But the kids we taught were super disobedient sometimes. Like the girls are good but the guys were a pain. So there was this kid kefu who was just killing us one day so we told him to come to the front of the class and we told everyone to say one nice thing they liked about Kefu. And all the girls were calling him like handsome and like he dresses good. And this kid started crying. Hahaha I was laughing because he was so embarrassed. So I didn’t feel bad because he seriously had no discipline so are punishment out here is we make them come the front of the class and do the same thing haha so I guess killing people with kindness really does work haha.

We had a meeting with pres tupou and his wife and she said if this mission becomes more obedient we’ll be able to get ipads for each mission couple. And like all of us looked at each other and just started laughing and said I guess we’re never getting ipads. Not that this mission is bad. It’s just the Tongan missionaries are just idiots and if we got ipads they would abuse them. It’s already bad enough with just the cell phones we have that don’t even have net.

Crazy story that happened I was sleeping on the floor and I like felt something crawling on my arm. And it like woke me up and I like flung it off. Then I feel back asleep and then I woke up again cause I felt this crawling like straight up on my face so I wacked it off and we have no power cause its 2 in the morn. So I’m like looking for a flash light and I find one and flash it towards the ground and there was this 7 inch centipede on the floor and I like freaked the freak out and woke up freer. And he like started freaking out because it was like crawling towards us and this little joker was hella fast! So I like grab my machete and it was under our couch so I fling our couch over and just start hacking at the ground. we finally killed it but the body can like move around for like 2 hours even though its heads chopped off so I just grabbed it and through outside but me and freer were sketching all night and like couldn’t go back to sleep cause those things are so poisonous like not to kill you but you’ll get a huge purple swollen me’a if you get bit by one. Oh and there was this guy that got stung by a sting ray while he was fishing. It was crazy. felt so bad he was like a grown man but he was crying it made me want to cry cause he was such a strong guy you know and to see him like that. But we gave him a blessing and he was okay a few days later but it was just pretty crazy!

But nothing too crazy out here. Can’t wait to hear from you guys on Christmas. I love my area. I hope we stay for a few more transfers. Just playing rugby every night. Going to the beach and catching fish and cooking them on the beach with the guys. I’ve come super close with everyone here. I love it. Been eating a lot of mangoes and watermelon lately. Can’t wait for Christmas everyone said this is the place to be for Christmas with rugby tournaments and just kai pola everyday!

But life is good out here. I can’t wait to hear from you guys on Christmas. I love you guys and miss ya’ll like crazy! I did get the Christmas package! Thank you so much! Me and freer are just chowing on the food! Hope all is well back home. You guys are always in my prayers. Sorry my email is just all over the place. I’m just trying to hurry. Well talk to you guys on Christmas. Ofa lahi atu!


Elder Berry