A long awaited e-mail from our favorite missionary!

Dear famili,

Sorry I’ve been slackin with writing y’all. I promise I haven’t been like avoiding any of you guys. It’s just every time I come into town me and Elder Rreer go on splits and im never with him and he goes and find net to email and I’m always with other missionaries and I sometimes don’t get an opportunity. But I do now and I really got a lot to talk about but like I’m really not here for long cause of our zone conference meeting.


Today we had our meeting and it was such a good meeting. The spirit was so strong. We got like two set of new missionaries. But anyways the meeting was all on daily and weekly planning. The question that was asked to us was why do we weekly and daily plan. And we kind of just said baloney like so we know what to do. And the answer was to show love to our investigators and too be honest the more we got talking about it. After thinking about it,  I really did realize how much love I have for the people I’m working with and how important I really want them to know and have the knowledge I have. I learned so much and our mission pres came with his wife and the ap’s. so it was fun to have them here.


My zone leaders are the tightest guys here. They spoil me cause one of my zone leaders was my second comp. and he just does anything for me. I love the Tongan people. Cause he just treats me like I’m his son haha takes me to get haircuts or to go get food. His names Elder Puta. He’s planning to go to BYU after the mission. He’s been serving for 3 years and he finishes next year.


Since the last time I wrote you guys the baptism that I had went through we were able to baptize the kid in the ocean. Freer did a great Job and the baptism when smooth. A week later we got a call from this other island to come teach this girl so we hopped on the big big boat that travels from tonga to Vava’u met our new investigator and her name was Sia. She was a very very pretty girl and I won’t lie it was hard to teach her and focus on the spirit cause of how attractive she was. But we were able to teach her and papi her and i was able to do it In the ocean.


So the situation with her was that she had a baby already with a guy and so we had to get them married cause they lived together. It was about a two week process to get everything ready so she could get baptized but it was worth it. But then we find out after the marriage she didnt really love the guy cause he was 18 and she was 20 and he lied about his age and they met at the club and then 2 months later her husband gets a call saying shes pregnant. So they got married for the baby’s sake and she was trying to work it all out and like try to love him. It was a sad situation but I believe this girl will stay solid cause she has so much faith and she just tells us she just wants to stay clean and endure to the end.


Teaching her was so much fun and she opened up to us and what we really wanted was for her to pray to know what we taught her was true. And then we asked her if shes ever had a time shes prayed to god and you received and answer. And she said when her baby was born it was really sick and was dying and she said on her way to the hospital she prayed that her baby would live. She knew the reason her babies alive was because of her faith through her prayer and that’s what kind of sparked her faith and wanting to pray to know what we teach wus true.


So I can testify that if you ask inspired questions through the spirit he will help you ask the right questions to fulfill your investigators needs. So teaching her was fun and very spiritual.  But the best part of all of this was during the baptism our stake president told me to hold her hand and guider her out to the beach with all members behind us like following. I won’t lie it was tight cause shes very pretty (; ……. but it was super awkward cause I’m a missionary and we had to walk like 150yds to the beach. Freer told me it was the most beautiful baptism he’s seen through out his mission just cause everything was perfect.


This up coming week we got 3 teaching On this island called o’ua and it should be pau teachings. Like they should be set bapis. I’m really excited cause the work is starting to flow out here and pres is loving it that the works hastening out here.

But anyways the boat rides are nuts! I see at least 5 whales everytime I get on this bad boy of boat and the boat is fast! Like the trip here I saw 8 dolphins just shooting out of the water. They’re the most beautiful creatures and then we got whales that are like ten feet from the boat just shooting put of the water like a light post height. And I’m just In awh for how big those things are.


So many cool experiences I get out here and opportunities. I have met so many cool people and this had been my favorite area so far. But I’ve only been In 3 so there’s not much to base off of. But I’ve been one of the luckier missionaries to go to all the cool islands cause eua my last area everyone’s dream is to work there and haafeva is the other dream area and everyone wants to go work I’m Vava’u and I’ve just been fortunate to work in all of them. Cause this area I’m I’m now is the only area that gets a boat to travel throughout 7 islands. So grateful for these opportunities and the trust The Lord has for me for this huge responsibility. But not only that freer has been helping me so much with the gospel doctrine. He’s a stud!


So yes I did meet my birth mom. It was super weird and awkward cause its like you don’t know what to say. She was crying and was so happy. Just awkward after. Like all you can say is hi I’m here and  your son?? Ya know. It was cool. But it’s nothing huge to me ya know. I’ve actually met a grip of people out here and like my family I’m Ha’apai. My birth mom told me her husband isn’t baptized but if I came he would be baptized and she also came back to church and said she has two sons that served missions and she needs to follow our example and she like spoke I’m church and said that cause she is baptized and went through the temple with her first husband. But she’s working her way back and she was able to go inside the temple so that was cool but my sisters husband, I’m trying to work with him. His name is tei but he smokes alot.


And I’ve been working with my cousin sunia who’s less active but he smokes but his wife wants to be sealed I’m the temple but he can’t give up smoking. And I was talking to my uncle and his name is wytoney and we’ve been working with him and he’s so down for us to teach him he’s just strong I’m the weslyann church. But he’s super cool. Whenever I come here to Pangai for meetings someone just looks at me and asks are you kalonis son? And I’m like yeah. And they’re like oh tau famili, uma. And uma means kiss so like all these people come up to me and tell me we are family them they kiss me on the cheek. It’s so weird. It’s like everyone In Ha’apai knows me and they’re like telling how they remember me when I was born and that they held me and stuff. It’s kind of weird to be honest when like I hear that ya know? But it’s cool to like see where I was born and stuff.


Going through an experience where not a lot of people go through is pretty interesting. But besides that the work is good. The food is amazing. I did receive the package and thank you so much for everything. The members enjoyed the sweets haha. But I love all you guys and I’m sorry I’ve been slacking with the email. I promise ill start to send letters. I can’t believe I’m at single digits now with months crazy right? But I love and miss you all like crazy. Don’t forget I am your son mom and dad and you did raise me and I am sealed to you guys for all and eternity and im so grateful for you guys for adopting me and giving me this life and all these opportunities. Can’t wait to hear from you guys. It’ll probably be In a month I’m guessing. But I love you guys. Since  out I’m the outter islands I haven’t yet watched conference but this week I will. And I’m super excited. Hopefully I understand it cause they use some big Tongan words i don’t usually hear or know. But ofa lahi atu a kimoua.



Love always,


Your Tongan missionary elder berry