Message from Elder Freer

Hello! I’m alive! And loving it like crazy out here! I won’t lie its super tough out here in terms of work, probably the hardest of the mission. But I’m a firm believer that the more we go through in the now will prepare us for the future. The past 3 weeks or so have flown by it seems! Everyday is pretty much the same, they all seem to blur together. Upon arriving the district branch president informed us again Pres. Tupou said we were some of the best missionaries he had. That has been stressing me out lately because I feel pressured to do so much and yet there’s only so much in this area! But it’s all part of the experience.

Just some fun facts on Ha’afeva. We walked our islands beachline in 2 hours and that was at a slow pace. The town is just one road probably a half a mile long. We have the coolest Place to stay, biggest place I’ve stayed in. the ocean is 20-30 yrds in front of our house. Electricity is off and on from 7pm-11-pm sometime we get an hour sometimes we get the full 4. When the electricity is on you gotta get everything you can done in that time. Our members are some of the most amazing Tongans I’ve met. Our president. Pres Lavaka is amazing, he could crush me in a second cause he’s was big like muscle wise, but he’s the nicest guy ever and everyone wants to work. It’s just taking a lot of patience to get people. We’ve been doing a lot of service like every day.

Here’s our schedule.

After we wake and do our morning study we head out to check our meal, then after eating we visit some people and just try to find people who aren’t in the bush, then around 4 we change into pday clothes and we bought machetes and we cut them up and feed all the members pigs. It’s a work out, I feel more Tongan everyday. It’s great! around 6 everyone plays rugby and there’s tons of boys our age that are less active so for about 30min we play touch rugby with them and some may think were just wasting time but I feel so close to these guys and because of befriending them we have some coming back to church. This missions all about creative working! ha

Our first Sunday here we rode a boat the church, its amazing, you truly feel Gods love to all his children and how he really does remember the on the isles of the sea. Our church is way nice! It’s a great pace and imp learning a lot. I’ve read a lot about learning and how to learning by Bednar. Man it’s awesome, I’ve found a new love for knowledge. Since that’s the only thing we can take with us besides our family it’s pretty important we know our facts. Bednar puts it like this, we first gain knowledge then through learning and acting we gain understanding but it’s not until were obedient to the knowledge we’ve received do we obtain intelligence. I think about this language I’m learning. I’m not the best but it’s crazy to think back and see how in just a year I’m able to talk and understand everything Tongans say. Knowledge and understanding come as were faithful and then regardless of who we are if we hold strong he gives us intelligence.

Well I wish I had my camera id send some pics! But I did get grams big package! Thanks! I got sick after eating so much candy. Still feeling it a bit! Thanks for the healthy food though! hahaha

Well I love you all so very much and thank you for your support! times running down in the mission life! Don’t miss me because pretty soon I’ll be talking your ears off about the best 2 years of my life! Nothing can compare. You all hold a very special place in my heart and I thank heavenly father every day for you. I love you.

‘oku ou mate ‘ofa kiate kimoutolu! Keep on keeping on!

Until the next time, I love you all so very much!

Love Elder Freer or fear or falea or filia the r’s are hard to pronounce out here on this island! hahaha

Ps I’m here for a zone meeting I’m staying with Harmon, That man is amazing! Love you guys!!!!


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