What up!

Sorry, this is going to hecka short but I just wanted to tell you guys I’m transferring tomorrow and I wasn’t able to get on the net yesterday. So I wanted to just tell you I love and miss you guys. I thought I needed to tell you guys because I heard this has no internet whatsoever. I’m going to be comps with Elder Freer. If you guys don’t remember who that is He’s been out here in Eua with me. I’ve sent pictures of me and him. But he’s been chilling with me and my comp because his comp left yesterday to Tonga. So this area I’m moving to is in Haapai and its called Haafeva. They said it’s a little island but there’s a grip of islands around us that we’re assigned too and if someone calls us to go teach we get on a boat and spend the night at the island and go teach. It’s going to be freakin G! I’m so stoked and especially to be comps with elder freer. And Freer told his family that we’re comps and they said they want to try to contact you guys cause they come to st george a grip. So I just want to tell you guys I love and miss you like crazy and I feel your guy’s prayers every day. but if there’s a chance I find net out there ill hit you guys up, but I just heard it’s so far out there’s really nothing. Ofa atu lahi!


Elder Berry



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