What up family!

Aight so this week was pretty slow since there were so many things going on this week. So on Monday it was just a normal Pday. Got up and ran with my comp. its funny cause we’ve been running every other day and jump roping the other days. And then we lift every day. But we have not lost any weight…. so we don’t know what the hecks going on. It’s like the food just sits in our system. But it was raining hecka hard but we still ran and then came home and did our laundry.

After that all the guys in my district came over and we played some ball. I was able to email you guys because the internet at our church works now so our bishop gave us a key to the office. But anyways it started raining even harder while we were playing so we all ran inside to a member’s house. Then the family just cooked us a grip of chicken for all of us and like no lie there was so much chicken. Like enough to feed 6 families. And we pounded it all. And I swear when the family came in and saw us eat it all they had like that look of holy pigs! I was sort of embarrassed but they honestly don’t care cause all the families here in Tonga just want to serve the missionaries and they’ll give anything thing they can to take care of us. Oh and they made otai so we pounded that as well. (Not as good as yours dad) but it was better than nothing.

Tuesday our Mission Pres was supposed to come but there flight got canceled so we didn’t see him. but there was supposed to be a musical fireside for the elders in tongamama’o but it got canceled and they didn’t want to tell us tell we got there so we were sort of upset but it was whatevs. But we just kind of did a singing practice because all three of us companionships had a Musical F. this week. So Tuesday was sort of just a slow day.

Then Wednesday was supposed to be our fireside but it hecka got canceled as well because there was a Putu and so we had to be like tapu for 3 days so nothing happened for 3 days. From Tuesday til Thursday. 

Thursday came around and Pres Tupou came in at 1030 and the meeting started at 11. I don’t know why I was so nervous but I was but the meeting went good. But it was very long. We didn’t finish until 6 that night.

The next day Pres tupou and his wife came to say goodbye and it was freezing that morning and they were laughing because we were all in our sweats and sweatshirts when they showed up with socks and beanies on. then sister tupou came up and like grabbed my hand to shake but she like rubbed it for like 15 seconds saying I have to stay warm and I was like hecka surprised cause I don’t think I’ve even shaken a girls hand longer than 5 seconds so my comp was just making fun of me the whole time because the day before at the meeting she called me cute and so everyone was dogging me like oh berry you’re so cute. I was like geeeez!. I don’t ever want to be called cute in a meeting by the Pres’s wife. 

Anyways. Nothing too crazy has been going on besides that. We had a year mark party because everyone in my district is from my intake except my comp so we baked cookies and had ice cream at a member’s house. It was fun. Transfers are coming up and I’m so nervous. 

I just want to say I love and miss all of you guys. I can’t believe it’s been a year and yes I did get the package! Thank you so much! Also tell grandma thank you so much for the letters. I love getting her clippings. So does my comp because he’s from Utah. But the other reason I asked about all the candy cause as soon as I get a package it’s all gone. Cause the missionaries and the members come and eat it all…. and ha ha ha with the tattoos mom. Everyone in my district got a kick out of that. But I love all you guys and miss you tons. Talk to yall later. Ofa Lahi Atu! 


Elder Berry



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