Family History

Hi everyone.

Sorry I didn’t write last week. I didn’t get a hold of a computer. But I can’t be on fast either on here. So I gotta be quick.

So 0 baptisms….. Disappointing actually. People just aren’t keeping their commitments and some are just always busy all the time. It blows. We think we’re like doing all we can do but our numbers just never show. But its whatevers.

I’m still in my same area with my same tight comp. He’s a freakin G! I love this dude. Ill def. be kick’n it with dis guy.

So there’s a big family in my area and we were having fafanga and they said they have a daughter serving in America and we’re like oh where? And they said St. Geezy!! Haha so I was like that’s my home land! bahahah and they’re like no way!? So you guys should look for her. Her name is sister Lasalosi. And they said she’s been serving in the temple. So that would be cool if you guys hit her up.

Me and my comp have door knocked like every single house in our area. Some people have been way cool and like let us teach them some have just been lame. And some have like started off with just being jerks but now we’re like way tight with them because we go and visit them every day and like go do service for them. It’s G!

I’m just missing home a little ya know. My year mark is almost here. In like 4 days actually cause supposedly we come home on the 11th. So that’s cool. I’m just trying to keep my head above water. getting trunky…. hahaha psych! just playing. just working harder (;

But yeah nothing much has been going on here. Me and my comp have been watching alot of rugby at members houses.. at night.

I”ve met a grip of people in my area I’m related too. I’ts flippin weird…. would of never thought i would go on a mission that i would find people im related too.

Oh but speaking about family. Mom what’s Grandmas Moms name and dad. I was doing family history and only nana and grandpa was done. So I found paps family and finished his side. But I don’t know grandmas…. help me out haha. You know how they joke about like your families waiting to be found. Well I first thought it was dumb to do family history but I was getting pumped when I was finding papa’s side. Me and my comp were laughing because he was like I bet your family is so happy they were found. And they’re probably all saying freckkK! are adopted Tongan great grandson had to find us hahaha. So yeah that was fun to put some work in the family (;

But that’s been mostly it. I freakin love and miss all you guys. Hope everything’s been going solid! Ofa lahi atu!


Elder Berry


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