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Top 5 Things: Year 1 Down

Hi Momma!

So here are my top 5 things that I have learned while being out on my mission.

I’ve felt like I’ve learned patience and just not to let things that bug me, bug me. If something is bothering me, it’s not the person, it’s me and I’m the one who needs to change. I’ve felt I’ve been able to become so tight with my comps because I’ve been able to do that and not let the things they do bother me.

I think was blessed to find family that aren’t members and to give this church a chance for them to listen to our message cause it softens there heart when they see me now about our church and to see me trying to speak a different language and my faith in our message and knowing of its truth. I definitely feel I’ve been blessed with that.
I’ve been blessed to realize what’s more important in life and not worry about the worldly things. I’m not like all the way there yet. But a lot of things that I thought were important just aren’t anymore. And just to learn more about this gospel and the true meaning of this life ya know?

Having a family that supports me and is always keeping me positive and loving me in everything I do no matter what. and the friends and companions I’ve had out here and I’ve had in my districts and zone. I
feel like I’ll have some strong relationships with a lot of these guys.

I’ve learned a little bit of humility and that I can’t count on everyone to do everything for me. if I want something done. I’m going to have to do it myself. I can’t count on you and dad anymore or my
comp. I’ve had to grow up and just get things done by me. like if I want to get this language down. I have to do it myself. no one else is going to tell me to do it for me. so yeah. I that’s pretty much it.


I’m BAAAAAAAAack! It’s been awhile.

Family! What’s going on!
Aight so I got some things to tell ya I guess haha. I don’t even know where to start. Oh I know. We still have no baptisms, and it blows because I feel like this has been the most obedient I have been throughout my whole mission these past two transfers and it’s been the worst results… it’s all good though. It will all make sense one day I hope. But just being more obedient it’s just made me a lot happier I’ve felt like.
So I haven’t gotten back on the Family History yet but I will probably later sometime today. I don’t know why, but like I’ve like never felt the spirit so strong in a while until I was doing family history work. It was like it made me so happy to like find our family and like to see that all of their temple work was all finished. I never thought family history work would give you such an awesome happy feeling.
My Tongans getting better. The gospel doctrine language hasn’t been kicking in too much. It’s hard. But just conversation is usually what I can mostly do. It’s tough, but I’m just getting rid of that pride and just not caring if I mess up or if people make fun of me because I used to care what the Tongans thought of me and they really are the people that joke a ton. So like all the white boys get pretty upset out here and I just learned to laugh with them.
I met some family out here. There was this lady name Falelala. and she was sort of a meany… she didn’t really give me and my first comp a chance the first time we met her cause we were teaching her son Tevita and she told us to not bother him or she would say he was never home when we would come to find him. But then one day my birth mom called me and said her cousin lived in the area I live in and she told me her name was Falelala. I didn’t know this ladies name at the time so me and my new comp elder Sitake went to go find this lady and we asked around and they pointed us back to Tevitas house. And I was like there’s no freakin way it’s this lady. Cause she was a turd and so was her husband. He would just ignore us whenever we would go talk to him. But anyways me and my comp go over there and she looked straight at me and looked at my name tag and was like Elder Berry!! I just talked to your
mom the other day. I’ve been looking for you. And me and my comp were like da heck??? She was like a totally different lady. But anyways…. longer story shorter. She freakin loves me and my comp and we go over and visit with her and she always offers food but we’re usually full because everyone offers us food. But

We’ve been trying to teach up Tevita again and his older sister Ofa. They’re both really cool. It’s just weird how like much she changed after she figured out we were family. It’s weird to think like what if I never came out here ya know? Sort of cool I guess. Her husband is still sorta distant but he’s cool with us  though.
There was this lady name Molini that we’ve been teaching and her mom hated our church. She was telling us this story about how her husband killed a member’s dog and ate it so the member reported them and sued them for like $300. So she said she’s hated out church ever since then. And so me and my comp were just like. Well we members aren’t perfect you know. Like no one here on earth is perfect, but we told her the church is. So don’t hate the church cause of one family. So she’s like hecka changed her perspective on life and our church. I thought that was cool and she was even more cool about teaching her daughter Molini.

Also, one night me and my comp were coming home from one of the members houses because we were getting a haircut and it was like almost 10 and we saw this little boy crying in the street. He was probably like 2. But me and my comp were like what’s he doing out here ya know. So we both grabbed one hand and started walking to the closest house but no one was home. So we started walking to other houses asking whose kid this was and they kept pointing at the house we first went to. But then this lady came out from the dark and was like calling her boys name. And she said he was supposed to be sleeping but he must have woke up while she left to the funeral that was going on. So we started talking to her and asked her if she was interested in hearing our message and she said yeah. So from then on we got her name. Her husband was already paptized but she wasn’t a member and her name is Mosiana. And we’ve taught her twice and committed her to baptism and she said yes but she wants to wait to talk to her husband because he’s been working in Australia these past 5 months working on the plantation. So she’s really cool and we’ve become super close with her.
We were at member’s house a while ago. His name is Misi. He’s a freaking gangster. We kick it with him all the time and he comes to our house at night to play cards. But one day he was asking us to teach him a less-active lesson. And so we like did a role play with him and we were wondering what was up. And he said he went out to the bush with this guy that was a less active and was asking about the temple and like what’s so important about it and like what do you guys do. And Misi said we’re not aloud to talk about it outside of the temple. He didn’t know how to explain it he just said it was sacred.
And so the guy asked about that he notices all of us wear garments, like what’s so special about that. So he told his friend the same thing how he made covenants and that it’s sacred to talk about. So he went
back to work but looked back at the guy and he was just staring off. Misi was saying he wish he could tell him more but he didn’t really know. that’s why he wanted us to do a roleplay with him. I think he feels super bad cause he didn’t serve a mission. He got his girlfriend who is his wife pregnant. He’s only 21 with two kids. He’s a cool dude. Married in the temple now. But he’s like our main go to guy now when we need someone to be invited to something or a teaching haha.
So nothing much has been going on. it’s been raining a lot but then gets super-hot and sunny then goes right back to being rainy…. Ummm we just got a fridge in our house so that’s been super useful to have.
I’ve been watching a lot of rugby. There was a Tongan from Haapai that made the all black team this year and he’s been tearing it up in the union league. His name is Malikai Fekitoa. He’s only 22. Kiu went to school with him. They said he got picked up right out of highscool. And my comp Sitake just served in his area before he came to Eua. But I thought that was tight. get that Tongan pride rep’n New Zealand all
blacks.  But like i said there was a funeral so the work was sort of slow this week. cause its such a sacred thing and everyone in the whole area is preparing for it.

We have another Musical fireside coming up this Wednesday. And our Mission pres. was supposed to come today with his wife but the plane got delayed because he was out in Niua. So they’re coming this Thursday. Kind of nervous about this meeting since we haven’t had any baptisms for a while….
Me and my comp have been running a lot and working out a ton. He’s just trying to lose weight and look good before he get home. P-day is just the usual. Do laundry play volleyball or rugby. Our members are  super tight. We’ve become so close with all of them. They freaking love us. I’ve been learning a lot of do’s and don’ts with my comp when it comes to manners or being disrespectful. Like don’t throw your bones to the dog because the kids will come and pick off the small pieces of meat on the bones. If you’re not wearing black you can’t go near the body during the funeral unless it’s us missionaries because everyone
understands us. Cause I won’t lie. It’s awkward when everyone is staring at you because you’re the only dudes in white. But since we’re in respectful clothes we’re okay. When you’re sitting down you can’t have
both legs sticking out. One has to be at least crossed. You shouldn’t wipe your feet at people’s doors because that’s like disrespect. There’s more but I can remember them all.

Oh and the coolest thing we did is we have a puppy name moose and we taught him how to chase pigs and chicken when we make this weird noise with our mouth. It’s so weird how fast he caught on. But he’s a little gangster. But we just praise him every time he chases something. He’s a cool little brown dog. I don’t know what kind he is because he’s not pure. But he sleeps at our house everynight on our porch and barks when anyone walks by. It gets annoying but everyone in the area thinks it’s funny. They call him security.
But yeah that’s mostly been it. Just trying to work hard for the lord ya know. Whenever it comes down to something me and my comp don’t want to do something we both will be like do you love the lord. Then do it for him like if we go door knocking and we’re just yelling there name. And my comps like knock on the door, and I’m like scared too for some odd reason. I just suck it up and do it for the love of Christ. Cause if
it wasn’t for that I would be a girl about a lot of things. So that’s our motivational saying. “Do you love Christ”

Alright. So I’m hecka jealous of everyone just going out and trips for no reason. So you can just stop making me jealous by sending me sick pictures of everyone’s life hahah. But nah for real. Alaska looked fun dad. I bet your shoulders were killing holding up those fish huh? hahahah  just playing. but the trip looked fun. I bet papa loved it. I’m jealous of everyone summer fun and partying. makes me miss home
a lot.
Mom- I haven’t gotten the package yet. But I’m about to send you a list of something’s I do need for the next package you guys are able to send.  (:

But besides that… I miss and love all you guys tons! Don’t worry I’ve
been eating pig and pounding otai out here for all you guys hahaha.
But Ofa lahi atu a moutolu!

Elder Berry





Family History

Hi everyone.

Sorry I didn’t write last week. I didn’t get a hold of a computer. But I can’t be on fast either on here. So I gotta be quick.

So 0 baptisms….. Disappointing actually. People just aren’t keeping their commitments and some are just always busy all the time. It blows. We think we’re like doing all we can do but our numbers just never show. But its whatevers.

I’m still in my same area with my same tight comp. He’s a freakin G! I love this dude. Ill def. be kick’n it with dis guy.

So there’s a big family in my area and we were having fafanga and they said they have a daughter serving in America and we’re like oh where? And they said St. Geezy!! Haha so I was like that’s my home land! bahahah and they’re like no way!? So you guys should look for her. Her name is sister Lasalosi. And they said she’s been serving in the temple. So that would be cool if you guys hit her up.

Me and my comp have door knocked like every single house in our area. Some people have been way cool and like let us teach them some have just been lame. And some have like started off with just being jerks but now we’re like way tight with them because we go and visit them every day and like go do service for them. It’s G!

I’m just missing home a little ya know. My year mark is almost here. In like 4 days actually cause supposedly we come home on the 11th. So that’s cool. I’m just trying to keep my head above water. getting trunky…. hahaha psych! just playing. just working harder (;

But yeah nothing much has been going on here. Me and my comp have been watching alot of rugby at members houses.. at night.

I”ve met a grip of people in my area I’m related too. I’ts flippin weird…. would of never thought i would go on a mission that i would find people im related too.

Oh but speaking about family. Mom what’s Grandmas Moms name and dad. I was doing family history and only nana and grandpa was done. So I found paps family and finished his side. But I don’t know grandmas…. help me out haha. You know how they joke about like your families waiting to be found. Well I first thought it was dumb to do family history but I was getting pumped when I was finding papa’s side. Me and my comp were laughing because he was like I bet your family is so happy they were found. And they’re probably all saying freckkK! are adopted Tongan great grandson had to find us hahaha. So yeah that was fun to put some work in the family (;

But that’s been mostly it. I freakin love and miss all you guys. Hope everything’s been going solid! Ofa lahi atu!


Elder Berry