Cold in Tonga

Whats up family,

Just chillen at a member’s house playing some halo bahahaha. Just playin. the kids are im just kick’n it. So nothing too crazy has been going down, last p day we all went and biked over to these tight caves. it was really hot inside and it was starting to get hard to breathe so we started to head back. but it was fun. the bike ride was a joke. and so were the bikes. hah.

This week was so slow. its like everything goes all uphill just for a moment and then it just shoots right back down. I don’t know what are deal is but it’s just gotten really slow. 2 of our investigators have been in Tonga so we don’t know what’s gonna happen with them. especially with transfers coming up this next week. which went by fast. and then one of our other investigators we just haven’t been able to find or get a hold of which is weird cause this island isn’t that big…. but it’s whatevers. we’re not giving up. it just blows cause most of our area are members. but there’s a lot of inactive as well. so there’s only a few that aren’t baptized and they’re the ones that have stayed solid with not wanting to join the church. so it’s been tough.

Church is so long cause we have like 6 hours of it cause there are 2 wards. this week we have 3 musical firesides and we’re all singing in them. so were kind of busy this week.

It’s school break for the kids so like a group of them are home right now and it’s been fun kicking it with them. Some spend the night at our house. It’s kind of just what the Tongans do. they all like sleep over at the missionaries house. but they’re cool kids. they ask for everything so I’m just giving everything away. but it’s cool though, just material items.

Sorry nothing too exciting has been going on. just trying to get lessons in and trying to invite others unto Christ. me and my comp just got two new investigators name Keio and Lose. they’re these cute kids that this lady who is inactive said we could teach her children if they wanted to. and so we asked and they said yes. so we’re hoping we can get these two before transfers just in case. cause we’ve taught them twice already and we have a teaching tonight with them.

This area is straight maka! so many people going through the temple we have 5 missionaries that have their call. so this area is pretty solid. just some families just like to take care of us and do everything except missionary work. which is dumb. they think like you can’t work with nonmembers who are family with other people in the ward cause it should be that families responsibility. and it’s just not the “tongan way”. forget the tongan way and join the Lord’s way. so they’re solid in some areas. just some are fakapikopiko!

Everyone loves me and my comp. I’ve been starting to catch on to the Tongan humor so I’ve been able to joke back with them and clown those goons. It’s all jokes out here. my comp is the king of clowning. usually when Igot made fun of I just took it cause it didn’t know how to return it. but now it’s just free game out here haha.

My year marks coming up and my Tongan still blows. but it’s all good. trying to study harder than before. i’ve been getting a little ta’elata lately. just missing home ya know. but no lie this year has gone by fast. its crazy. I cant believe everyone is already leaving on their mission. it’s be weird coming home and they’re all gone.

Well family. I love and miss all of you guys. Mom and Gergs. those pics are tight. jealous. but im here in the tropics haha. but it still is cold here. i’ve been asking members for blankets. i have like a little cold but Satan can’t stop me that easy haha.  but I love you guys so much. give love to everyone back in the mainland. Ofa lahi atu moutolu mo umas lahi kiate kimoutolu!


Elder Berry



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