This church is true


So sorry I didn’t get on last week.

So this past week was crazy! We had a grip of teachings. we taught 14 lessons last week. we committed 4 of them to baptism. one of the teachings was this girl from Boston. She’s one of those peace core people. I was weird to teach this girl in English. She knew Tongan, but we taught her in English cause its easier to get things across in english, but it was tight. She was way cool. She was super surprised we spoke English cause she said she always saw us but she never thought we would of spoken English. so we talk to her all the time now. She’s actually a teacher at the Government schools. but

This week was Ward conference so its a party like this whole week. it was tight just kickin it with everyone and meeting new people. Our mission started this new thing called musical firesides. its common everywhere else but we just finally caught on. and so since it was ward conf. we had a musical fireside this past Thursday and we had a bomb turn out. The week before we had 5 families in our first ward that were sealed and there was one guy’s wife that just took out her endowments so we had all of them bare there testimonies and we had like 9 musical numbers. there were so many people there. and all of us missionaries sang.

But anywho. me and my comp get asked to speak this past sunday that saturday. so we bust home and just write like a 10 minute talk. we were so mad they asked us the day of. but its whatevs, it turned out pretty well. my comp is a funny dude so he was just making the kaingnalotu just laugh the whole time. he’s such a stud. We have been lifting every morning with some of the guys in our area. we seeing how much we could all put up. i put up three twenty five. i was actually way surprised. cause i didnt think i was getting stronger just losing weight ya know? but i was like thinking i have to go like half way across the world to actually lift upper body cause thats all you can really do.

Nothing too crazy has been going down. no baptisms. just getting that work in and having fun. i seriously love my comp. he’s the real deal. I talk to Bunting all the time still. i sure miss that guy. its crazy i havent seen him once this whole time i’ve been here. Im trying to think if anything else cool has happened. i swang on some vines??? i guess that was cool. and i drove a members motorbike. they’re so down to let me take it whenever i want. but i got be exact obedient ya know 😉 hahahaha. But i love and miss you guys so much! This church is true. Ofa lahi atu mo uma lahi atu!


love always,

Elder Berry

ps mom and gergs. those pics are tight. hecka jealous. hope yall are having fun.



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