Much Ofas Famili!!

May 26, 2014


It’s been a while.

The Missionary life is still the same.

I’ve been eating so much food out here its crazy!

Me and my comp Sitake have been chowing it all down.

Elder Freer is still missing 4 teeth. crazy right?….

There’s actually a temple trip with one of my wards. and 3 families are getting sealed and one of the members wife is getting her endownments out. so that will be tight.

So the new rule out here is like instead of switching comps to go to different area. we just all stay together in one so it decreases the missionaries to be like hecka naughty.So its been tight doing that since im with the district leader.

We ran into a bunch of like white peeps at the airport. and they’re all looking at us and were like hello elders. and we’re all like da freckkkk? and then we notice they’re like BYU students. So it was tight to talk to all of them. some were from idaho and mostly utah. they were on a study abroad. so i thought it was cool.

P-days are crazy! we legit go crazy out here like finding vines to swing on and like we hit up these caves and these waterfalls. they’re tight. i guess like Eua is the place to like come visit and go sight seeing. cause there’s a grip of europeans out here just like chillen and they get like so hecka surprised when they see me speak english to them.

Church has been good. its sooooo long. 5 hours is killer for me. Everyone in my area loves my new comp. cause he’s way funny and out going. Rugby season has been starting out here so we’ve been watching a little rugby here and there. (at members houses)

I got everyones Packages! thank you so much! my birthday was tight. there were some members that made cake and all of us elders got together and had cake and ice cream so it was tight. thank you for the gifts! they’ve been super useful! I love all you guys for making my birthday a good one. Jake and Amy thank you. and thank you for the pictures of the boys. miss those guys. give them my love.

So its like winter here and its been so freaking cold here. me and my comp look like we’re ready to go camping out in the snow before we go to bed. we had to go to members houses and get some blankets and i’ve gotten a few beanies and some socks and we’re just getting prepared to go snowboarding every night. so yeah. it gets pretty chilly out here.

Our area has gotten so slow. but me and my comp have just been talking to everyone and have just been role playing with members. we only had 3 lessons last week. it was a rough number. alot people in our area are out of town this week so we’ll see how that goes. alot of visiting non members this week. we’ve actually got shut down so much this week by people. so were nice and some were straight cranks. but its cool. we’re just gonna keep bugging them.

Me and my comp set up a musical fireside for the second week of June. so we’ll see how that goes. its here first time doing it. its a new program that our mission pres. adopted into our mission. and so what it is. its like a half hour program that we’ll have like someone bare there testimony then we sing then bare there tesitmony then another song…. and so on. so i hope it all works out but the main focus is to have everyone just feel the spirit.

My tongans getting better with my new comp. he’s a tight bro. and yeah he’s related to Coach Sitake at Weber. its his first cousin.

Im jealous of Katie and mom going to Europe. thats gonna be tight! Tell Bretty boy happy late birthday and that i love him as well to Carson and Happy Birthday Nate. Your birthdays coming up right? Love all you guys.

I cant believe graduation just hit. thats flippin nuts! its been a year from now since i gradutated. i think thats crazy to think. it went by way too fast! Super sad to hear about Brooks Johnson. so thats another tesitmony i’ve gained on that missions are so important for everyone. i dont know if that sounded dumb to say. but thats whay i think when i think about home. its like im not missing out on anything.

But I love all of you guys. i love all your letters. everyone in my district got a kick out of the “think before you ink” all i can say is oh moooooom! pretty funny mom. but i’ll pray about it okay? hahaha (;

But i love and miss ya’ll. Thanks for all the love and support. cant wait to hear from you guys. Tell Dillon he’s a freakin Siana Maka! and that his tie is looking sweet!

almost at my year mark! im about to burn up everything i own! muahahahaha! just playing. but its flying by too fast. catch yall on the flipside. with much love from the other side of heaven.

love your Tongan missionary boy,

Elder Berry


Much Ofas Famili!!




May 5th, 2014

Hey mom and dad,

I just wanted to say I love and miss all of you guys. I haven’t received any of the packages or letters…. so I hope they haven’t got jacked. The baptism did not come, and the work is super slow. Transfers are on the 20th. Bunting wanted me to email you guys to tell his family that everything’s okay and that he’s doing good. I love that guy and I’m so glad I’m out here serving with him.

So dad the advice I honestly could give you is I wish I had paid more attention in seminary and highlighted every scripture and took a note of it and read my scriptures more often and studied my preach my gospel. Because I feel like that is what’s killing me out here because I didn’t know the doctrine, and so it was hard to teach because if I don’t even know how to teach it, how am and I going to know what to say in Tongan? Does that make sense? But yeah that’s honestly my struggle is getting a grasp on knowing this doctrine.

Okay, so Mothers day. I will probably just call both days, but I don’t know when. I’m free both days because in Tonga it’s a huge deal. So everyone’s preparing right now for Sunday. So if I can get to a computer, I will let you know, but if not, just expect a call on Saturday and Sunday. The earthquake, yeah, it was a big one. I was actually in stake conference and like the whole church was shaking. It was crazy, but I wasn’t scared because I was in the Lord’s house. I love this area and I love the people. Ofa lahi atu!

Love always,

Elder Berry