What’s good Famili!!!

Male Famili!

This week was tight like always! We got those Baptisms! I was so happy and the spirit was so strong. Everyone in our ward was there to support us and the two girls. After the baptism the two had to bear their testimony, and the spirit was just so strong! I loved it. I’ve never experienced this before once my whole mission, but the youngest girl, longo, was just crying. And I knew she knew this church was true. It’s just a huge testimony builder ya know? And it just makes these two years worth it!

So Conference was this week and it was tight! I didnt have to watch it in Tongan cause they had and english room for us Palangis hahaha, but conference was tight. I loved elder Oak’s talk in the priesthood session and Elder Ballard’s with the following up, cause i feel like it will help with my mission and being more effective, ya know? All the talks were good. Uchtdorf is the man! And whoever that guy was with the funny voice. A lot of us missionaries just kicked it all day with members cause we all watch at the stake center and it was packed! Seriously so packed! Luckily we had our own little air conditioned room. So it was nice.

Our mission Pres came to Eua to have our zone meeting with us since we didnt go to Tonga for ours. It was nice to see him and hang with him. Our zone leaders came with him, so that was tight to kick it with him. One of my zone leaders is Elder Hola from Alta. His brother-in-law is Star Lotulelei! I couldnt believe it, but Elder Hola is choosing between BYU and Utah State as a DE or OLB. He’s a way chill guy, and he knows most of the guys from my intake cause they all played ball with him. He finishes next month so thats tight. Our zone leaders spent the night at our casa and so we just chilled and talked. They’re cool guys, and  I had never met the other zone leader before, his name is Elder Mamaaloa. He speaks way good english. And he’s freakin solid muscle!

But my week was too crazy! Still alot to get done, ya know? I miss and love all of you guys! And Nate that was tight that you met that Tongan Guy. I’ll try to look in on him out here, cause like he said, this island isn’t very big. Sorry its short. I’m on a members computer again, but I’m doing good and loving the work.

I cant wait to hear from ya’ll soon, and mom my boils are fine. The foods great. I havent cooked once out here, so its been solid. I’m losing weight like crazy! I dont know whats going on, cause I eat so much out here. I’m probably down to like 195 now or something. I dont know, but its crazy! ummmm besides that i love all you guys and miss yall like crazy! ofa atu!


Elder Berry


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