What’s good fams?!

Male Fam!

I’m at a members house cause they just got internet and they’re so tight! Everyone in this area loves me and my comp, and yes transfers just came around and its still the same guys out here in Eua. I didnt know the Uluaves are from out here? I would be asking everyone questions if i knew that!

Okay, so I gotta be sort of quick since im using a members computer. I have 3 pretty solid investigators right now. We just committed two of them to baptism this friday. I have not seen conference yet cause we watch it the week after you guys cause they have to translate it in tongan. Im really excited and i loved reading all of your guys’s quotes. Since i’ve been out here with Elder Puta i’ve been solid with trying to be exaclyt obedient and i’ve noticed my language and lessons are improving so much. Elder Puta is the man, and he said im the only comp he’s never gotten in a fight with, so that made me happy, cause supposedly he has a pretty hot temper. And with both of us like that, it could’ve been a problem.

I love my district and all the guys from my intake. We’re a serious brotherhood. I cant wait til some of my intake are zone leaders and DL’s just running Misiona Tonga. hahahaha. I dont really need anything. You guys are always in my prayers. I got up and bore my testimony twice cause we have two wards,and everyone commented on me getting up and doing it. I dont know why? But, it was nice of them. It was like the first time I really felt like I needed to get up. So I did. It was weird. I’ve like never felt like that in my entire life. Everyone says that every fast sunday, and I like legit experienced it. It was crazy! But, I just want to say i love all of you guys. Sorry this email is so short. The work is so good here and I love it.

Love your missionary,
Elder Berry



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