Fefe Hake Moutolu!

Yo. what up Famili. I was like way excited for last few weeks about the mission work and then me and my comps game plan has kind of slowed down…. So what our game plan was is that we have two group leaders and then 5 people in each group. There’s only two groups. We have two wards in our area and so we split the wards up and what we do is mon, wed, fri. is group 1’s day. They get us investigators, or investigators we already have and we just go to each of their houses during the day and teach them. Then tues, thurs, and sat. it’s the other groups turn and they do the exact same thing. It’s been slow because they start to forget or can’t find someone, so it was rough last week.

Yes, mom, I got your package and all of Grandma’s letters. I feel so popular! I get like 5 from her a month. Haha, but thank you so much for the package it was tight and my comp loved that American candy haha. My comp saw your 21 day promise thing, and I won’t lie, mom, I was not going to do it. I just saw it, and in my mind said, “thanks, mom.” But, my comp saw it and was like this is “freaking tight” – I’ve been teaching him that American slang. Anyway, he really liked it! We translated it all into Tongan and we’ve gone to mostly all the members in our area and we’ve got them to sign and agree and we’re hoping this will spark things up again cause everyone got super excited. The members here love new things, but after a while it gets old and they start to get bored of it. So we got to come up with something new to get them excited. Hopefully it works. We’re going to finish visiting the rest today after p-day. Then we’re going to have fakafamili at 8 and I’m teaching the lesson. Hopefully it goes good. It’s a family that loves to feed us, and take care of us, but they just say they’re too busy to find a investigator for us. I’m going to teach a lesson on the importance of members and missionary work. So fingers crossed they’ll be feeling me and my lesson.

But besides all of that jazz, everything’s been going solid. I love this area and all the members. We have this one investigator who’s married and has a little girl and his wife is already baptized, but she’s not active, so we’ve been working hard with him and he’s been coming to church. Many members have been fellowshipped him. He just doesn’t want to be baptized cause he doesn’t want to cross his dad who lives in Ha’apai. That’s the faifekau for the Tongan catholic church. So I thought me and my comp should fast for him on Saturday. I’m hoping things go well when we commit him to baptism again… we’ll have to see.

So I guess Buntings comp got sent to his real mission cause he was waiting for his visa to go to papua new guinea? He’s in a trio with his second comp and he’s now serving in Kiu’s area. and I was talking to Bunt and he said it was the weirdest thing to see him cause he said we look-alike. It’s so weird. Bunting says he’s way cool, so I thought that was tight.

But anyways, that was my week. I sure love and miss all you guys like crazy. and again thanks for the package mom and dad. I hope you guys had a solid week in Arizona. Jake and Amy I miss you guys and the boys! Made me sad reading your email Jake when you said you went into my room. I miss home so much.

Mom you should look up these guys called the Brown Hymn Books. They are a few polynesian guys from australia and new zealand that sing some cool church songs. look em up on youtube. I listen to them all the time.

But Nate and Gergs! I miss you guys hope school and work is going swell for yall! tell Bretty boy I miss him. Tikirs, I would love to hear from ya, Sis??? It’s been a while. Papa, I’m loving your emails, keep them coming. And Give Grandma love for me. Love all you guys!

Talk to you next week. Ofa lahi atu!

love your missionary,
Elder Berry


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