Fefe Famili!

Bahahaha! Aight, I’m sorry i’ve been internetless for a while but the computers here are wack!

I’m in a new area and its called Eua (ay-ooo-ah). Its like a two hour boat ride from Tonga and it’s freakin tight! I have a new comp as well and his name is Elder Puta and he’s from Vava’u. He’s a way good missionary.

So I’m just gonna hurry and let ya’ll know that I got a baptism two days ago. Her Name is Pesi, and she’s 11 years old. She’s a sweetheart and she’s so smart with our church. she was so easy to teach, and she’s way outgoing and not shy at all, so its been fun getting to know her.

This area is BOMB! The members in this area are so down for the missionary work, we’re getting referrals like crazy. And, we’re teaching at least 2-3 times a day. It’s awesome. I love it here. I feel like my mission is actually starting. My tongan has been getting so much better here, especially with my tongan comp. It eliminates me speaking english as much, even though he’s fluent in English. He’s a cool breh.

I lost a grip of weight when I came to Eua. I flew here and they have to weigh us to see where they want to put us on the plane – they like have to even out the weight on the plane for landing. It’s ghetto! I won’t lie, I was praying big time on the plane, cause I legit thought we were going to die. The plane is small, and i could see the front of the plane window, and the plane was shaking and they were coming in to land at like a slant. One of the scarier moments of my life. I was making peace with life, cause i legit thought i was going to die. anywhoooo. So, I had to weigh myself and I was 96 kilos. I got a converter and I weighed 209. I’ve lost 43 lbs since the mtc! I dont know if this is healthy, but I lost heaps.

Alright, so, the other tight thing about this island there’s only 3 sets of missionaries. It’s me, my comp ,and Elder’s freer, lao, grant, and patey. They’re all from my intake from the mtc, so we’re partying every week, hahaha. They’re tight and I love all of them. There’s no zone leaders here, so my comp is the DL and he kind of just takes care of everything. I was way happy when I heard that our mission pres only sends the guys that he trusts out to this island, cause there’s no zone leaders and we could be mau’mau lao. We’re solid out here. Theres so much work to be done out here.

Oh, and the other twist with me losing weight– im like probably gaining some weight back. Me and my comp are so busy during the day we dont have time to eat dinner til lway late at night, so we’ve been eating at 9 every night and its so unhealthy. .. so i’ve been like trying to workout at night but there’s nothing much you can do when you have a comp that doesnt wanna run.

When i came to Eua i couldnt bring my bag on the plane, cause it was too heavy. They had to put it on the boat and i thought it would be back to me in 3 days, but i didnt have it for 2 weeks. I wore the same clothes for two flippin’ weeks! It was nuts. Sorta humbling and it made me realize i could honestly go throughout my mission with two pair of outfits. I did grab two pair of G’s, and that’s it – I wore the same clothes every day. I just re- washed my clothes every day. It was crazy! I had nothing. I had to go buy a tooth brush and I had no sheets or pillow. I was so cold, cause this is the coldest island in tonga. It gets really cold here for some odd reason.

Anyways, I spoke to Bunting. I love bunting. I hope I’m comps with that kid! I haven’t seen him once this whole time out here. I hope me and him can be freakin zone leaders and just run this joint, haha. Miss that kid. His tongan is freaking bomb. He’s a different person. He told me he can’t wait til me and him come off the airplane together in our flipflops, haha.

Well I just love all you guys and miss ya’ll like crazy! sorry I’ve been slacking with the emails. cant wait to hear from ya’ll.

Ofa lahi atu!

love always, Elder Berry


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