Transferred to ‘Eua!

Elder Berry has been transferred! He is now serving on the little island of ‘Eua (pronounced: ay-ooo-ah).

Internet access is really hard to find on the island. We finally received an email from Tay Sunday night after not hearing anything from him for 3-4 weeks. We didn’t even know where he was for 3 weeks! (Mom and Dad were stressed out, to be sure).

You can still send emails to Taylor, but letters will probably be the best way to communicate with him while he is in this area. We aren’t sure when, or if, he will have internet access again in the future.

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 3.07.29 PMBelow is a little information about the island:

ʻEua is a smaller but still major island in the kingdom of Tonga. It is close to Tongatapu, but forms a separate administrative division. It has an area of 87.44 km2, and a population in 2011 of 5,016 people.

ʻEua is a hilly island, the highest peaks are the Teʻemoa (chicken manure) 312 m, with the grave of the soldier on top, and the Vaiangina (watersprings) 305 m. The island is not volcanic, but was shaped by the rubbing of the Tonga plate against the Pacific plate, pushing ʻEua up and leaving the 7 km deep Tonga trench on the bottom of the ocean, a short distance towards the east.

The soil of ʻEua is volcanic, as is that of Tongatapu, but only the top layer, deposited by eruptions of nearby volcanoes ten thousands years ago. Under it are the solid rocks of pushed-up coral.ʻEua counts many huge caves and holes, not all of which have yet been explored. ʻEua is the only island in Tonga that has a river, and had the only bridge inthe kingdom until Vavaʻu also built one.

The river drains into the harbour near the capital of the island, ʻOhonua. A unique feature is the shore between ʻOhonua and Tufuvai. It is coral reef still close to the sea level. Many small tidal pools are found, named the ʻotumatafena.

Source: Wikipedia


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