Munila Baptism

Yo, what up Family!

Solid week this week. I hope everyone’s Valentines was tight! I sure miss all of you guys! My week honestly consisted on a lot of splits with other missionaries. It was tight cause all the guys in my district are mostly from my Kauhu. They were in the mtc with me. I got to kick it with a lot of those guys.

My legs have been getting bad again. So I’ve been taking these pills that have been helping them clear up.

I’m honestly going to make this email short because we’re at a members house and the internet here. You have to buy credit, like gigabytes and so me and my comp try to write fast cause its not cheap here.

But, the big update was we didn’t baptize Kesipeni but we baptized Munila! It was tight! I was so happy and she’s such a sweet heart. So we finally got a missionary ward leader, and Tongans here sort of take the role seriously so we’ve been going on splits with him and inviting people to come to church who are mamalohi or like non active and me and my comp were like straight up murmuring (; hahah but it’s cause we would go visit everyone Friday then Saturday night and then wake up at 6 to go invite everyone again in the morn before church. But, the thing is, everyone has been coming to church and staying the whole 3 hours! So I had a lot of repenting to do for complaining so much. I honestly felt bad, but seeing all the progress has been making me so happy and I give so much credit to our ward leader. But nothing to crazy has gone down.

I might go crazy if I have to stay here another transfer. They said some of us might be training, so I am nervous for that, but its whatevers. But I miss and love all of you guys! Give everyone love for me back at home.

ofa lahi atu!

Love, Elder Berry

Oh and mom I got the calendar. I love it. Thank you so much!


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