Successful week!

Malo e lelei Famili,

I won’t lie this week was pretty solid! A lot of success went down this week. I mean not like a lot… but enough to make me happy, haha. So this week me and my comp just were finishing up teaching Aisake. This is kid is only 9 but he’s so smart. He’s not shy and he answers the majority of our questions. He’s a tight kid.

So the baptism…we switched it to Sunday instead of Saturday cause Aisake’s dad isn’t a member, and a lot of his family are baptized but they’re mamalohi (inactive). We thought if we had the baptism on Sunday they would have to come to church. It was good. I was so nervous for the baptism. I didn’t want to mess it up in Tongan, because it’s like the sacrament, it has to be perfect. So I was sorta stressin’ a little bit about of it, ya know?

But it was all good, I got it down and it was solid. The baptism went good and during sacrament we confirmed him. It was fast Sunday, and it was testimony meeting, and Aisake’s mom got up and bore her testimony. It was good. She was apologizing for not being a good member and how she’s so grateful for her kids to grow up in this church. It turned out to be a really good day. Later that night we just went up to the Atoas families house and Aisakes family was there and we did scripture and prayer with them. After we just visited and hung out with all the kids. Definitely a great experience for me. I’m so grateful to get this opportunity to serve the Lord and bring his children back to him. I haven’t stopped smiling since yesterday. So it’s been good. I hope that we’re able to teach Kesipeni soon. We figured out why he ditched out on us, because we’ve been seeing him around. He’s not very good at reading, and when we asked him if he could read the first time we taught him, he got really shy and embarrassed. So he got mad and left and just avoided being taught. But we talked to him and he said he’ll think about it. I’ve been praying he accepts because he’s just like his little bro. He’s very smart and he knows this church is true. He just got a little upset, and hopefully he can shake it off.

Update on the mission. On our Pdays, we cant do anything. My comp is our new district leader, so that’s pretty tight. We had 5 missionaries get sent home. 3 from my district, 1 from my zone, and 2 of the 5 were from my kauhu, we were in the MTC together. It was sad to hear about it, but they had things they had to take care of. 3 of them were from Tonga. So it was sort of a dramatic week last week. That’s why my comp is the DL ,because ours got sent home.

All right mom: I finally got pop’s package. Tell him I’m so grateful for it, and so was my comp. Tell him I love and miss him, but I haven’t got the calender. Oh and tell grams I got hers too. Tell her to stop sending me money. I don’t need it, but besides that, everything has been going solid.

I’ve been getting updates with the game and it sounds like my Seahawks are killing it! bahahaha!

I love and miss all of you guys so much! I hope all is going well. You’re all in my prayers. ofa lahi atu!

Love always, Elder Berry

p.s. oh and tell brother Nau from our ward that i ran into his first cousin. his name is koni pa’aia or something like that. He’s from australia and he was visiting. He gave me and my comp a ride to one of our meetings. And he asked where i was from and i said st george. He said he had a cousin that moved there from slc ,and i he asked if in knew the naus– i was like yeah! he like lives kiddy corner from my house. he’s my YM leader. small world, yeah? but it was cool!


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