Whats good my Family!

Malo e lelei famili!

How’s everyone been?! Well, my week flew by so fast! And i was able to commit Aisake to baptism. Aisake is Kesipeni’s little brother and he took our lessons. This kid is so smart–he knows so much when we ask him questions, and im very grateful to finally have an investigator. Oh and that girl Saane, well she went to tonga and the missionaries taught her, and she was baptized!  So it was a really good thing, but at the same time i was hoping she would of came back and we were able to finish our teaching with her. Our teachings have been solid. I feel the spirit, but i wish i could just recognize it even better–im trying so hard to just recognize it better.

So i  met this angel of a girl, her name is Munila and she’s 15. She’s Aisake and Kesipeni’s older sister and she is just a sweetheart. She speaks and understands English really well. Anyways these kids are living with a family that are members, and the mom in the family that took the kids–her name is Anty–and she was telling me about why she took all the kids in. They got kicked out and they all started to live out in the bush and they didnt even have flooring, they were sleeping on the soil. The lady (Anty) went over to the house to go visit them and she said she couldn’t see these kids live in this kind of condition, so she asked the mom of the kids if she could take them. The mom said she could take them forever and raise them into the mormon church. FYI thats a really common thing for families to adopt other kids from other families and raise them. But, this Munila girl was  grabbing her clothes and  laying them all out so her mom can lay down and sleep, and when Anty came over Munila grabbed more of her clothes so Anty didn’t have to sit on the dirt floor. I dont know why, but it just made me cry. This girl is so humble and she’s just always taking care of everyone in her family. I just know that there’s a special place for her in the future.

Anyway, i have the baptism this saturday, and im so stoked! i’ve just been way happy about everything, like just being able to teach him. My teaching stinks, but im just hoping the spirit can testify what im teaching is true. haha

Nothing too crazy has been going on, we have just been teaching Aisake. It’s been raining a lot here. Oh, and mom, yes, we did have a huge meeting but it was just for Vava’u. Pres came over and we had a big zone conference, and i did not see harmon or bunting, just swan cause he got transferred over here with us.

I did get Jake’s package, so thank you Jake and Amy and Carson and Eli. I did not get Paps package yet or bretty’s package. The whole mailing system is messed up out here. It’s organized, but just a mess?? Doesn’t really make sense, but i have got all of G-mas letters and i have a letter coming her way. So yeah….. im loving all of her letters. Tell her to keep them coming!

So lets talk super bowl. Go seahawks! beast mooooddddeee! I miss all of you guys so much! i hope all is doing well. i pray for your safety and health. The church is true and I love all of you.

ofa lahi atu!

love, Elder Berry


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