I’m alive! Just playing. It was pretty crazy over here. I won’t lie. Like when everyone was going home to go prepare for the storm, me and my comp and one of our friends went around our area to see if there was anything we could do to help. There was this lady that was a widow and she was the first lady we went to go help. We just had to barricade the windows and some of the doors so the glass wouldn’t break or water. she was so grateful cause she wasnt sure if anyone was going to come help her, but I’m glad we did. like always, when doing service you always feel good, but just going around and making sure everyone was okay and safe just topped everything.

Anyways it was raining hard and it started last friday around 4. It was just hitting us hard, but me and my comp were still going around helping people finish up boarding up their windows. The night comes around and I was so tired. I knocked out at like 8, but I woke up to this pounding on our door and it was that same drunk guy that we were teaching and we knew he was drunk cause he was cussing us out, and he wouldn’t leave for like 40 minutes. I wanted to get up and just knock him out, but like i couldnt do anything about it and it would of just made it worse. so i just said a prayer that he would go away and then he did after I said amen! It’s not weird that it happened but its just crazy how fast it happened, ya know? But after that I could not sleep. Our house was just shaking and water was sprinkling in our house. it was bad news. The power went off at like 4 in the morn, and my comp thought he went blind because there’s street lights outside so there was a little light in our house and my comp blinked and like started freaking out cause he legit thought he went blind cause it was pitch black. It was a scary night. I won’t lie.

You were on my mind a lot, but around 7 our door starts pounding again and we thought it was the same guy but it was our friend, Amoni, and he needed help cause some of the peoples boards flew off their house and the metal sheets. so we had to go to the widowed lady’s house again and board her house up. Then we went to a few more houses but they weren’t home. So we just walked out in the rain and wind. If I jumped high enough I swear I could of flown away. It was like we were walking through a blizzard with our arm covering our face from the rain and like the wind was just holding us back, but we went to the church and there was like a ton of families there just sleeping. So we went and made sure everyone was okay, and everyone was fine. It was just a crazy day. The rain and wind didn’t stop until Saturday at 7, but it was pretty nuts.

First hurricane and I’m still alive (; haha. The island of Ha’apai only had 1 person die, but many in the hospital. And all the cows died, so everyone is going over there to go get the meat, so it doesn’t go to waste. That was my experience. Rough few days and I was running off no sleep.

This Monday me and my comp just helped rebuild peoples houses and cut down the trees that fell in the road, but the hardest one was we had to got straight in the jungle and cut down these trees to replace the electricity poles. and i wont lie they were so hard to to carry up. cause like they couldn’t of found trees any closer to town. we had to go deep in the jungle and carry these huge electric poles up this hill/mountain and then carry it all the way in to town. I didn’t eat that morning and I was drained. and we had to get three of them! But it was all good. I’m just glad we got some service in. but that’s pretty much what we just did. is just fix up the area. Oh and I didn’t get transferred and I still have the same comp. after this transfer ill be in this area for 6 month. But maybe I need to be here to get a baptism. but i just wanted to say I’m safe and that I love you all. hope all is going solid back at home. You guys are all in my prayers. I miss you guys so much! ofa lahi atu!

love always,

Elder Berry



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