Cyclone Ian

Late last week we started following Cyclone Ian. A storm which was growing in strength and headed straight toward the Tongan islands – specifically the northern islands of Ha’apai and Vava’u. Some news outlets claimed this was the largest storm to hit Tonga in over 50 years!

From what we’ve read, it sounds like the impacts of the storm could have been much worse for the people of Tonga. Although the storm was rated a category 5–the largest–the eye of cyclone stayed tight, resulting in less destruction than what could have been. We did hear from Taylor’s mission president late on Friday night saying all missionaries were safe and accounted for. And Taylor was able to email yesterday morning. We will post his message.

Below are a few reports and images from the devastating storm – each image links to the main source.

BBC News   Tonga homes flattened by powerful Cyclone Ian

Cyclone Ian causes  widespread destruction  on Tonga s central and northern islands   Australia Network News  Australian Broadcasting Corporation

In pictures  Cyclone Ian aftermath   New Zealand Kaniva Pacific   New Zealand Kaniva Pacific


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