Fefe hake?

Male Famili!

Fefe hake? So nothing too exciting has gone down over here in the kingdom of tonga, and new years was a bust.

It’s been raining like craaaazy over here cause there’s supposed to be some kind of a cyclone building up by us, but they’re hoping it goes the other direction.

Anyway, new years was spent at a members house, and we just chilled, and talked. No one here really celebrates new years really, all the guys just go around trying to kiss the most girls – that’s pretty much it! haha!

Me and my comp have been trying to teach that guy that came to our house drunk at 3 in the morn. He’s a good guy but he just struggles to accept our doctrine. We taught him twice and he has so many kinds of questions,  and then we answer him, and then he just wants to argue. Every time my comp started to explain things to him, I would just say a prayer to help him to have a broken heart so he can accept what we teach, and that he can know what we teach is true.

Anyway, since its like the holidays, there’s been a grip of Australians and new Zealanders visiting  family in our area. My comp and I have been hanging out with a lot of them cause they don’t speak good tongan, just the parents, so they like talking to us, and that’s been fun.

A lot of the national rugby players for tonga live here in vava’u, so we’ve been p daying with them and that’s been fun. they’re huge!

But I just want to say I love and miss all you guys so much! so nice to hear from everyone on Christmas. Ofa lahi atu!,

love always,

ELder Berry


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