Whats good my Family!

Malo e lelei famili!

How’s everyone been?! Well, my week flew by so fast! And i was able to commit Aisake to baptism. Aisake is Kesipeni’s little brother and he took our lessons. This kid is so smart–he knows so much when we ask him questions, and im very grateful to finally have an investigator. Oh and that girl Saane, well she went to tonga and the missionaries taught her, and she was baptized!  So it was a really good thing, but at the same time i was hoping she would of came back and we were able to finish our teaching with her. Our teachings have been solid. I feel the spirit, but i wish i could just recognize it even better–im trying so hard to just recognize it better.

So i  met this angel of a girl, her name is Munila and she’s 15. She’s Aisake and Kesipeni’s older sister and she is just a sweetheart. She speaks and understands English really well. Anyways these kids are living with a family that are members, and the mom in the family that took the kids–her name is Anty–and she was telling me about why she took all the kids in. They got kicked out and they all started to live out in the bush and they didnt even have flooring, they were sleeping on the soil. The lady (Anty) went over to the house to go visit them and she said she couldn’t see these kids live in this kind of condition, so she asked the mom of the kids if she could take them. The mom said she could take them forever and raise them into the mormon church. FYI thats a really common thing for families to adopt other kids from other families and raise them. But, this Munila girl was  grabbing her clothes and  laying them all out so her mom can lay down and sleep, and when Anty came over Munila grabbed more of her clothes so Anty didn’t have to sit on the dirt floor. I dont know why, but it just made me cry. This girl is so humble and she’s just always taking care of everyone in her family. I just know that there’s a special place for her in the future.

Anyway, i have the baptism this saturday, and im so stoked! i’ve just been way happy about everything, like just being able to teach him. My teaching stinks, but im just hoping the spirit can testify what im teaching is true. haha

Nothing too crazy has been going on, we have just been teaching Aisake. It’s been raining a lot here. Oh, and mom, yes, we did have a huge meeting but it was just for Vava’u. Pres came over and we had a big zone conference, and i did not see harmon or bunting, just swan cause he got transferred over here with us.

I did get Jake’s package, so thank you Jake and Amy and Carson and Eli. I did not get Paps package yet or bretty’s package. The whole mailing system is messed up out here. It’s organized, but just a mess?? Doesn’t really make sense, but i have got all of G-mas letters and i have a letter coming her way. So yeah….. im loving all of her letters. Tell her to keep them coming!

So lets talk super bowl. Go seahawks! beast mooooddddeee! I miss all of you guys so much! i hope all is doing well. i pray for your safety and health. The church is true and I love all of you.

ofa lahi atu!

love, Elder Berry


Fiefia Aupito!

Malo e lelei Famili!

What’s good Famdamily!??? I sure miss all ya’ll! Well, I can’t really write for long cause some of the other elders need to write too, but I just wanna say I love and miss all you guys. I am definitely getting your prayers because me and my comp got a new investigator, and we taught him last night and we’re going to teach him tomorrow.

I’m so happy! I honestly think we’ll finally get a baptism. I just hope he understands what we teach him, but he’s living with a members so they’ve been good with helping him understand cause my Tongan is fakaofa! But it’s straight. I think he understands. His name is Kespeni and he’s 12 years old. He’s a cool kid and hard worker, but just getting this laumalie makes the area worth it.

We visit families. Go to non members houses, and invite them to church, and challenge them to read the scripts. But it just comes down to them, ya know? A lot of prayers are involved for sure.

We visited a member this week who said  she’s frustrated with Church and callings. We taught about how Jesus loved everyone even though things were not easy. The spirit was so strong in the room. I know that I can’t write how that sounded, but I’m trying to hurry and type and give a good idea. but the spirit really did take away. and we asked her to just pray because she really is mad and wants to give up but we just told her to pray to help her love and forgive. But she takes care of me and my comp.

hey i got to go. i love you all and i pray for you every day! I hope everyone is safe and healthy. Miss you guys like crazy!

Love your crazy Tongan missionary!

Elder Berry


I’m alive! Just playing. It was pretty crazy over here. I won’t lie. Like when everyone was going home to go prepare for the storm, me and my comp and one of our friends went around our area to see if there was anything we could do to help. There was this lady that was a widow and she was the first lady we went to go help. We just had to barricade the windows and some of the doors so the glass wouldn’t break or water. she was so grateful cause she wasnt sure if anyone was going to come help her, but I’m glad we did. like always, when doing service you always feel good, but just going around and making sure everyone was okay and safe just topped everything.

Anyways it was raining hard and it started last friday around 4. It was just hitting us hard, but me and my comp were still going around helping people finish up boarding up their windows. The night comes around and I was so tired. I knocked out at like 8, but I woke up to this pounding on our door and it was that same drunk guy that we were teaching and we knew he was drunk cause he was cussing us out, and he wouldn’t leave for like 40 minutes. I wanted to get up and just knock him out, but like i couldnt do anything about it and it would of just made it worse. so i just said a prayer that he would go away and then he did after I said amen! It’s not weird that it happened but its just crazy how fast it happened, ya know? But after that I could not sleep. Our house was just shaking and water was sprinkling in our house. it was bad news. The power went off at like 4 in the morn, and my comp thought he went blind because there’s street lights outside so there was a little light in our house and my comp blinked and like started freaking out cause he legit thought he went blind cause it was pitch black. It was a scary night. I won’t lie.

You were on my mind a lot, but around 7 our door starts pounding again and we thought it was the same guy but it was our friend, Amoni, and he needed help cause some of the peoples boards flew off their house and the metal sheets. so we had to go to the widowed lady’s house again and board her house up. Then we went to a few more houses but they weren’t home. So we just walked out in the rain and wind. If I jumped high enough I swear I could of flown away. It was like we were walking through a blizzard with our arm covering our face from the rain and like the wind was just holding us back, but we went to the church and there was like a ton of families there just sleeping. So we went and made sure everyone was okay, and everyone was fine. It was just a crazy day. The rain and wind didn’t stop until Saturday at 7, but it was pretty nuts.

First hurricane and I’m still alive (; haha. The island of Ha’apai only had 1 person die, but many in the hospital. And all the cows died, so everyone is going over there to go get the meat, so it doesn’t go to waste. That was my experience. Rough few days and I was running off no sleep.

This Monday me and my comp just helped rebuild peoples houses and cut down the trees that fell in the road, but the hardest one was we had to got straight in the jungle and cut down these trees to replace the electricity poles. and i wont lie they were so hard to to carry up. cause like they couldn’t of found trees any closer to town. we had to go deep in the jungle and carry these huge electric poles up this hill/mountain and then carry it all the way in to town. I didn’t eat that morning and I was drained. and we had to get three of them! But it was all good. I’m just glad we got some service in. but that’s pretty much what we just did. is just fix up the area. Oh and I didn’t get transferred and I still have the same comp. after this transfer ill be in this area for 6 month. But maybe I need to be here to get a baptism. but i just wanted to say I’m safe and that I love you all. hope all is going solid back at home. You guys are all in my prayers. I miss you guys so much! ofa lahi atu!

love always,

Elder Berry


Cyclone Ian

Late last week we started following Cyclone Ian. A storm which was growing in strength and headed straight toward the Tongan islands – specifically the northern islands of Ha’apai and Vava’u. Some news outlets claimed this was the largest storm to hit Tonga in over 50 years!

From what we’ve read, it sounds like the impacts of the storm could have been much worse for the people of Tonga. Although the storm was rated a category 5–the largest–the eye of cyclone stayed tight, resulting in less destruction than what could have been. We did hear from Taylor’s mission president late on Friday night saying all missionaries were safe and accounted for. And Taylor was able to email yesterday morning. We will post his message.

Below are a few reports and images from the devastating storm – each image links to the main source.

BBC News   Tonga homes flattened by powerful Cyclone Ian

Cyclone Ian causes  widespread destruction  on Tonga s central and northern islands   Australia Network News  Australian Broadcasting Corporation

In pictures  Cyclone Ian aftermath   New Zealand Kaniva Pacific   New Zealand Kaniva Pacific

Fefe hake?

Male Famili!

Fefe hake? So nothing too exciting has gone down over here in the kingdom of tonga, and new years was a bust.

It’s been raining like craaaazy over here cause there’s supposed to be some kind of a cyclone building up by us, but they’re hoping it goes the other direction.

Anyway, new years was spent at a members house, and we just chilled, and talked. No one here really celebrates new years really, all the guys just go around trying to kiss the most girls – that’s pretty much it! haha!

Me and my comp have been trying to teach that guy that came to our house drunk at 3 in the morn. He’s a good guy but he just struggles to accept our doctrine. We taught him twice and he has so many kinds of questions,  and then we answer him, and then he just wants to argue. Every time my comp started to explain things to him, I would just say a prayer to help him to have a broken heart so he can accept what we teach, and that he can know what we teach is true.

Anyway, since its like the holidays, there’s been a grip of Australians and new Zealanders visiting  family in our area. My comp and I have been hanging out with a lot of them cause they don’t speak good tongan, just the parents, so they like talking to us, and that’s been fun.

A lot of the national rugby players for tonga live here in vava’u, so we’ve been p daying with them and that’s been fun. they’re huge!

But I just want to say I love and miss all you guys so much! so nice to hear from everyone on Christmas. Ofa lahi atu!,

love always,

ELder Berry