Pics from Vava’u

This week there was a wedding so me and my comp went and helped prep. We killed a horse, 2 cows, and 15 pigs! It took all day.


Hi Mom!

We are late posting this email. This came before Christmas…

Hi Momma,

First i just want to say why ¬†does it start snowing when i leave? That makes me soooo mad right now! im so jealous! And second, me and my comp want to say thank you so much for the package, and yes i got it! it was tight! i shared some of the food with the elders, but we just want to give a big thanks for all of that. And i loved all the messages from everyone. It was nice, tell them thank you, and that i love and miss them. everything has been going solid and no we did not get the baptism. This whole month she’s been in tonga for christmas.

im still with the same comp and he’s tight! remember he’s from vegas so it will be cool to chill with him when i get back home. Transfers have come but im still in the same area. it’s such a small, slow area. Everyone in our area is baptized, so theres nothing much we can do except teach the younger kids who aren’t 8 yet. And just try to reactivate everyone, but all you can really do is just say read the scriptures, and come to church, but like it kinda sorta comes down to them. All we can really do is just be there friend, ya know?

It’s been rainy and stormy so we are not supposed to go out. i’ve just been hanging out in my mq just studying my guts out, but it sorta makes the day go by faster. I am not sure if I said or not, but the new rule is were not allowed to go tracting and stuff anymore. the prophet came out with this rule just for the islands, and that the members need to give us investigators. The point of this is because the islands are small and everyone knows who the missionaries. so this is a new rule and we kind of just do service now.

Remember how i told you about that guy who always harassed us in church? We go and mow his lawn every other thursday and he actually got up on the pulpit and apologized to us for being a pain. it was way interesting. but it was nice of him to apologize.

The internet here is always on and off so we never know when we’ll be able to use it. we got some new missionaries in vava’u and its weird cause i never would of thought i would get everyones name down here but i legit got everyones name down here. its tight! there’s like 60 of us, but its fun. We got two new zone leaders and they’re pretty strict so maybe thats what this mission needs cause a lot of them mess around over here.

I just want to say i love you and miss you like crazy! christmas seriosuly wont be the same. it makes me home sick, but i hope everything has been going good. you guys are always in my prayers. And Mom, Happy Birthday just in case i wont be able to get to a computer. i just want to say thank you for adopting me and having me a part of this family. i really don’t know where i would be, but i kind of have an idea now, haha! I’m just very grateful to have you as my mom. I love you and i hope you have a great birthday and christmas.

love always your missionary,

Elder Berry