Upcoming baptism

Hey Family,

Whats new in my life? I have a baptism next Saturday, so that’s pretty exciting. Her name is Saane. To be honest,  I didn’t really teach much. I would just touch up on small things like the importance of tithing and word of wisdom. And then I would just bear my testimony. I never realized how much stronger the spirit is during the lessons. Our zone leaders came and helped with our lessons, cause our Tongan is not very good….but I’m just excited that I finally have a baptism. She wants to serve a mission, and she’s wanted too forever. She’s been taught by past Elders, but I don’t know why she never got baptized before. But I’m so glad she accepted us. She’s a way cool girl, but kinda shy, but she’s definitely opened up too us now. It’s like I feel like being in this area doesn’t feel like a whole waste of time, ya know? I’m just happy. Me and my comp have another investigator this wednesday and he’s about to get married, so obviously temple marriage is going to be in the lesson! Everything has been going solid. I’m so happy things are getting better. The Tongan language is lacking a little, but it’s all good.

Yesterday was Sunday and I got called out from the Bishop to come share a spiritual thought and bear my testimony. I was kinda panicking, cause I wasn’t prepared for that, so I just found a scripture and went up there and did my thing. I was so nervous,  but it’s all good now.

I’ve been getting fed really well out here. Whenever I get a big protein meal (like a lot of meat) I get a big work out in. I work out every night on my stairs. It’s all about upper body out here? I don’t know why but all the Tongans are just solid up top! haha.

I’m so glad the funeral went well. The pictures looked amazing. I wish I could of been there. You guys were all on my mind a lot this week.

So, yes, I heard about the Fly boys. That’s a bummer. I just heard special teams didn’t do so hot. It’s all good, but I do feel bad for the seniors. I bet that was devastating. I hate dhills! I hope pv takes it now.

I love all your guys’ emails! I miss home so much. I hope all is going good. I don’t really know what I want from home – just pictures and letters – that’s really all I want. And that list I gave you from a couple weeks. I hope all is going well and I can’t wait to hear from you guys soon. I love you guys.


Elder Berry


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