Dear Famili!

The language is hard! I pray and ask god why am I not learning the language fast enough–does he not want me to be able to speak to the people here to teach them?  I’ve murmured a few times and have just been thinking maybe God is just humbling me, ya know? I don’t know. It’s hard. I just wish there was something I could do. I try to study as much as I can, but reading out of a book is just not my bread and butter. Sorry I keep complaining, but like I said, maybe God is just humbling me first.

It stinks having to get on here and hear about Reed. I miss and love him. He really was so good to our family. Tell grandma my love and prayers go out to her and that I miss her. I’m sorry this week had to go down like that, but like Tika said, “I hope there’s a track and golf course with unlimited holes up in heaven, cause he deserves it!” I love and miss you guys and I wish I was there.

Jake and Amy! How’s Baby E! haha it’s so weird I have to wait to meet my nephew… it’s like a movie or something, ya know? I loved the pictures. Carson and Eli looked cute! Give them my love.

Oh and [football] tips. To be honest, tell hosnor to tell his defense to listen to their count, cause thats honestly how we stopped them. They were calling out there plays and me and t streh figured out the number calling, and I just shifted the defense left or right. They may have changed everything so tell him that as well. They’re not as good as everyone thinks–everyone just has that mind set. We should have blown them out of the water, they’re just a very disciplined team.

I got stung by a wasp and it’s been spreading all through my leg. Kinda hurts, but I’m a wuss. And I have like 12 boils on my left foot and 5 on my right…so I’m dying over here.


We have 2 meals a day from families. There’s a calendar that has a list for everyone in the ward.

Every companionship has their own house. It’s way nice. We have a room, 2 beds, a shower, 2 sinks, a table, 2 mirrors, 2 fans, 1 dvd portable and 2 closets. They’re way nice.  I’m very grateful for that. The weathers been good,  no hurricane has hit us. I heard it hit the Philippines and 10000 people are dead and 20 missionaries are missing. Pray for Connor, Mitch, Wilky and Tadd Challis. I hope those guys are safe, and yes, there are huge spiders and centipedes and just weird bugs. I have not had to cook once. I eat big meals and they’re mostly meat. It’s my protein so I lift every night so I don’t get fat.

Tell my dixie boys i miss and love them!

I love and miss all of you. You’re always in my prayers for safety and protection. Hope all is well. Tell Brett I love and miss him and to get better! Miss my best friend!

Love always, your missionary,

Elder Berry


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