In Vava’u!

Well, so the boat ride was terrible! Everyone was getting sick. it was suppose to be a 16 hour boat ride but it took us 28. all the elders threw up except me and two other elders. there was 14 of us. I don’t know how I didn’t Lua everywhere cause everyone on the boat was throwing up. there was a kid from orem he was fine then all of a sudden he woke up, ran up the stairs (cause we were on the bottom bottom of the boat), and he threw up on the stairs. then got to the bathroom, threw up and the toilet was clogged, so he ran out to the deck throwing up, and then finally got to the side of the boat and threw up. he said right when he did he felt so much better. then someone above him threw up on him and then he said he just lua’d everywhere! bahahahah it was the funniest story ever!

We stopped to two islands. I cant remember the first one, but the second one was Hap’pai? We were there for about 3 hours. Elders from that area met us there and fed us. most of the guys didn’t want to eat. When we were done we got back on the boat. We arrived in Vava’u around 12 at night. everyone was so tired and hungry. so some went to sleep, and the other half of us went to the local bishops house and he had a feast waiting for us. it was fish and dog. with like noodles. it was soooo good! like the dog here is amazing. it looks gross when you look at it but when you eat it it just tastes like soft chicken. So marley better watch out.

I have a new Comp. His name is Elder Montineko. he’s from Las Vegas. small world right? we have so much in common and he’s so tight! we just talk crap on all the vegas football teams and how we hate them. He’s such a good trainer. he thinks he sucks with the language but I think he knows more than he really thinks. He’s a white boy from a family of 11. we always talk about high school. its nice to like to talk to someone that knows the places you’re talking about, then a comp that’s never even been to America.

The area im in is called Holonga. its a small area and like everyone hates us. theres a few stakes here in Vava’u. but theres only one ward in the church we go to. We’ve come close with our bishop – he’s such a cool guy. we asked, “Fefe Holonga?” as in “how’s Holonga?” And he immediately said Kovi!, which means bad! hahaha I laughed so hard, he’s a hard working guy. he just says the members in that area can be idiots.

All the elders here are way chill! we all bond well! most of them are from Utah. so we talk about high school and football and rugby. They’re a cool group of guys. it will be weird coming back home and seeing them again.

Today was P-day and I finally went to the beach! it was fun! its so beautiful! I wish you guys could all see it! we bought chicken and bread at the store and built a fire in this huge cave and cooked lunch there. and we pretty much chilled. got our feel a little wet and just took pictures. its like a flippin adventure anywhere you go here. It’s amazing and I love this area! I hope I don’t leave for a long time. the difference here is that theres mountains and way way green! in the main island of Tonga its just flat…. So that’s why Vava’u is the most beautiful island and they call it second America, cause everyone wants to live there.

Besides that everything is going solid. I miss all of you guys! Im glad I finally was able to add Naters and Gergs to the group. I sure miss and love you guys! Im glad everything is going solid! to be honest I really don’t like spending that much time on the computer. I just get homesick. I try to prevent myself from getting on it but I have to. I was honestly going to go for like a month without getting on but then my mission president said we should repent every time we don’t write to your family especially “mom” haha. There has been one elder that didn’t speak to his family for 11 months! isn’t that crazy?! he was in Niua. that’s where kolipoki went. they said out there you wont be able to hear from your family, unless something urgent happens, then someone will fly out there to tell you. I asked how do you call home? an elder said you just ask the pres if you can get your phone call since you didn’t when you were out there. I hope I don’t have to go to Niua. they said its a different ball game, everyone loses weight cause you’re like starving out there – you eat bugs the members don’t feed you much and you just eat fruit as well. everyone said they like fasted to just get food and water. some people broke down crying and asking if god was really there. everyone says its nuts out there and it definitely changes people. they’re just not the same how they used to be. kinda trippy….

Well I miss you guys! so excited for the baby! Im glad everything is going solid! im glad to hear from Tika! tell her im proud of her. Tell Bretty boy I miss him so much! Im glad I was able to hear from all of yall! hope you’re doing good. I pray for you guys every time I pray. I love and miss you all! thanks for the blog Jake. Love you guys. BYU needs to step it up. Glad Dixie is doing solid! I can see them taking state again. alright OFA LAHI ATU!


Elder Berry


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