Leaving for Vava’u

Hi Fam!

So i leave to Vava’u tomorrow, which is monday back at home. It’s crazy! they said the boat ride sucks cause everyone gets sea sick.

We have been teaching this girl name Tapuaki Manisela. She’s asking alot of questions but i dont know if she’s way interested yet. she comes from a catholic background. she’s way nice, her cousin is always there sometimes during the lessons and its kinda awkward cause they said she’s into missionaries so i made sure my heart was locked hahaha


I miss you guys and i dont know how ill be able to get a hold of you guys in Vava’u but if i do they say the computers are slow! so we’ll see how that goes.

Hows work mom and dad?

When is the baby due Ames? Im so bummed i wont be there!

How are the cougars looking? i dont know who they have played??

Anything new Jake? hows my xbox hahah (;

Hope my Fav nephew is doing okay! give loves and kisses for me.

I miss all of you guys. Tell Tikirs im proud of her and i love her.

Hope to hear from you guys soon. Im about to go play some Volleyball.

Keep me in your prayers i’ve gotten a tiny bit homesick. thats been the only problem. besides that its been pretty solid. LOVE and MISS you guys!


Elder Berry


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