What up!

Hi family. whats going on? Sounds like you guys had an awesome weekend. I sure miss you guys. So i guess ill kind of just answer everyones questions. So yes mom i talk to Kade everyday. we have class together and his room is right next to mine. I didnt know Tika was graduating! thats so awesome! and ill definently write to congradulate her. So being flight leader I have to just make sure all 22 guys get on the airplane and doesnt mess around in the airport. i think i should be fine. its just alot of guys to look after ya know? So i emailed Auntie Laine they other day cause her nephew is in my class. his names vave. he’s the big one in the pictures with me most the time. but anyways she sent me some pics of misi boy and he’s gotten huge! I cant believe how big he is now. So i heard we killed Lehi. hahah the running back from lehi last year is in my room and he was talking so much smack about how good they would be and how they’ll kill us. well the score board never lies. Im way jealous of the football game. I hope i cant hear it while im up here. but i will for sure. Kade is a huge Texas fan and he said he’s going to be so mad hearing that game go on. Im jealous you saw the smiths. i sure miss that family. Thats a bummer Ips is out. and Shad!?? whats going on? and Jo too…. wow tell them to suck it up. it’s there freakin senior year! haha jk!

So I felt as this time i’ve been at the MTC did kinda go by fast. im starting to get hecka nervous. The language is coming around. I’ve been able to teach lessons without any notes for the past two weeks. so i feel as im progressing. My companion is progessing hard core! But he studies alot better than i do. its hard to sit there for 3 hours just studying. I go crazy! This is for Amy. I think the most meaningful think i’ve learned here is to just do you. Cause i’ve noticed even here being at the MTC you’re going to have some hard core disobedient elders and its like what President Monson says. do you dare stand alone. and sometimes i feel that way being here cause i have to just not get caught up with everyone just cause they’re doing something wrong makes it okay. if that makes sense? but i hope my companion out in the field is a good trainer and obedient too. they say its way laid back in the islands and they sleep in til like 10 o’clock. so I dont know how that will go. but we’ll see. Im so ready to get out of here. Well I love you all I hope everythings going good. you’re always in my prayers. I love and miss you. Cant wait to hear from you guys soon. Ofa lahi atu!


Elder Berry


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