AIRPORT         TIME                           DATE

LV: SLC, UT     3:40 PM                     08 SEP 2013

AR: LA, CA      4:30 PM

LV: LA, CA       11:30 PM

AR: NADI, FIJI    5:35 AM

LV: NADI, FIJI    1:30 PM

AR: NUKU,TON  3:50PM                     10 SEP 2013

just wanted to let you guys all know. Im hecka nervous and im the Travel Leader over 22 elders. it’s going to get freakin crazy! but im gonna miss you guys. our teacher let us all get on to email our family. I got some hardcore layovers in Cali and Fiji, but if i get the phone i think it will only work in cali its gonna be a long few days. pray for me that i can lead these guys and get everyone situated cause im hecka nerv right now. love and miss you guys.

Elder Berry


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