Love you guys!

Dear family,

well i dont really need shirts but there getting mad about logo’d shirts and they just want plain shirts especially out in tonga. they just want us to have non logod shirts. and the shirts are like 6 bucks at genx they’re not like way expensive but they’re pricey. and im way jealous of the BYU game. they say you can hear the stadium from here…. bunting is way mad cause he’s been waiting for this day to watch texas, cause he’s a huge U of T fan. haha thats all he wears here. but yeah thats a bummer dixie lost. i didnt think they would lose. we got the paper up here to check all the scores. haha its funny to hear the guys talk up there school here.

the language is actually a struggle now. its just getting harder and harder to memorize now that im learning docterine stuff now.

thats tight that ya’ll had the elders come over, they were awesome. oh and that sister katoa that wrote you is the cousin of all the katoas in st george. and she is a sweetheart! all the sisters are here. they take care of us elders. they’re definently a blessing. well i miss and love you. nothing has really happened over here. except i have been able to hear from two apostles for devotional and vai seka… something. played for BYU, jake met with him in philladelphia. he was cool. the two apostles that came were elder richard g. scott and elder neil l. anderson. so those were some awesome talks.

but i love you guys. give love to the rest of the fam. are districts up hecka early doing laundry. and theres heaps of people in here im surprised i got a computer.

Ofa lahi atu!


Elder Berry



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