Week 3 or 4…I can’t remember???

Haha what up Famili!

Whats new! mom im sitting right next to Elder Harmon haha and showed him the email. he thought that was so sick. i thought that was sick! but nothing much has really gone down here. i got Jake Package and i loved it! thanks so much Jake I definitely needed some real food. haha. So for gym time. i’ve seriously have been just running on the track up top and lifting. everyone else balls it up but the first day i played basketball and after that. never again. im terrible. ill go play volleyball every once in a while cause thats where all the polys go. but gym time is like the best time. ummmmm. i havent really been writing in my journal. i just got to far behind i said forget it. so ill just start out in the mission field. Elder Summers is a stud! i need to write his parents. i need to send some more pics. Dad tell Coach Odette and Coach Griffin i miss and love them. well nothing much has gone on around here except study study study. days feel like weeks but weeks feel like days. its weird how that works out. but i hope everything is going well. I miss everyone in the family. tell Tika i miss and love her. hope to hear from you guys soon. I love you guys

Elder Berry


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